I Woke Up a Vampire summary and ending explained

I Woke Up a Vampire is a family fantasy series following Carmie Henley, a young girl who wakes up on her 13th birthday to discover that she’s half-vampire. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Carmie wakes up hearing the word “vampling” and floating up in the air. She is also able to hear her dog Rainey speaking to her like a human. She tells her best friend Kev what happened and believes she has superpowers.

A boy named Dylan hunts down a young kid with wings and shrinks him down before enclosing him in a jar. Dylan says that he hunts down “blended” to keep the world safe.

Carmie is excited about auditioning for the school musical but she has to compete with Leanna, the most talented girl in school who is also quite full of herself.

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Kev tells Carmie to keep her powers a secret until he figures out what she is exactly. She meets another new girl named Madison and walks home with her. When a car almost crashes into them, Carmie saves Madison using her super speed.

Kev works part-time at the local comic book store, owned by a man known as the Collector. Digging into the comics gives him an explanation behind Carmie’s powers.

He discovers that she is part of a species called blended, the offspring of humans and mythics. Mythics are ancient creatures such as werewolves and vampires, and Carmie is a sampling, the daughter of a human and a vampire.

Dylan hands the blended he captured earlier to the Collector and says that he just moved to town recently. Carmie gets the role of understudy in the musical and is excited by this and her newfound powers.

The Collector is visited by a shapeshifter who is after blended, in exchange for a jewel that the Collector needs. Dylan joins the school and becomes friends with Carmie and Madison.

Kev tells Carmie that her kind is disliked and she is most likely being hunted by someone, so he sets out to find out who it is. Madison and Carmie grow closer as friends.

Kev and Carmie meet Octavia Rhodes, the creator of the ‘Mythic’ comics. Octavia says that she was a blended and chose to be a human on her 16th birthday. She tells Carmie that her journey is hers to figure out.

Carmie continues to work on the musical in the hope that she can shine on stage when the time comes. Kev and Carmie eventually figure out that Dylan is the hunter.

Kev also finds out that the Collector is gathering blended for the shapeshifter because she has his daughter, Jewel. Leanna loses her voice the day before the show and Carmie steps in as the understudy, but Dylan captures Madison and says that he’s giving up hunting after that.

I Woke Up a Vampire ending explained in detail:

Does Carmie save Madison?

Dylan is getting ready to leave town but Carmie shows up, revealing that she is a vampling. She and Kev tell Dylan that he’s actually feeding a shapeshifter’s army instead of keeping the word safe.

They tell him that if he truly cares, then he must help them. Dylan visits the Collector and tells him that he’s got one more gift before he leaves. He reveals a jar with Carmie inside, and her jar is placed next to Madison’s.

It’s all a part of the plan, and Carmie removes her lid before escaping along with Madison. The Shapeshifter arrives and is incensed when she doesn’t see any blended. She tells the Collector that she has no use for him anymore so he won’t see her again.

What happens at the musical?

The crowd fills in but the director is worried because there is no sign of Carmie anywhere. When Carmie’s parents show up, the director asks them where Carmie is, but they’re unaware.

Leanna keeps trying to convince the director that she can perform but she has no voice and is constantly turned down. Carmie eventually arrives and performs wonderfully.

She gets a standing ovation and even gets a message from Rick Astley, who reveals himself to be a vampire.

Who is the shapeshifter?

Madison tells Kev that she and her mother are moving away for safety reasons but she would like to keep in touch. The Collector looks at pictures of him and his daughter and then reveals himself to be a Mythic too.

Dylan and Kev tell Carmie that they have some important information to share, and show her the comic that Octavia sent Kev. In it, there’s a drawing of the Shapeshifter claiming that she is Carmie’s mother.

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