How to Ruin Christmas season 3 ending explained: Does the family have a normal Christmas?

Season 3 of How to Ruin Christmas revolves around the Sellos and the Twalas as they gather around Christmas yet again, this time for Beauty’s baby shower. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Preparations are underway for a baby shower with Dineo and Valencia responsible for the organization. They are constantly stepping over each other’s toes and do not approve of the other’s choices.

Beauty didn’t even want a big party but her mother and mother-in-law insisted. All she wants is for them to not fight with each other. Sbu is just trying to be supportive of his wife but he’s extremely nervous about becoming a father.

Themba and Lydia are struggling to handle their son, Shaka and Themba feels like his father doesn’t give him as much attention as his brother gets. Vusi has acquired new wealth and a game lodge with Sbu’s help and is doing well.

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Vusi’s brother Siya shows up and says that he would like to get in touch with their dead mother because he fells like she’s angry with him and giving him bad luck.

A social media influencer named Zama shows up to the baby shower uninvited as Thando’s friend but when Vusi sees her, he seems to recognize her and get flustered.

Chaos reigns and Beauty leaves the baby shower with Zama who takes her to a club called Konka. Val and Dineo continue to argue and end the party early. Themba is once again unable to get the attention of his father.

Beauty and Zama go back to Dineo’s house where they’re dealing with power issues so Shadrock tapes the main breaker so that it doesn’t trip but that overloads the power.

Val confronts Zama for showing up there and while they’re fighting, Val switches on a device which starts a fire, eventually burning down the house.

The Twala’s are headed to the game lodge for Christmas and they invite the Sello’s because they have nowhere else to stay. Dineo is in touch with the insurance company about the fire but she doesn’t know that Val is responsible.

Shadrock feels immensely guilty because he also had a part to play in the fire. Grace is attracted to one of the game lodge employees but she keeps getting interrupted when she’s alone with him.

Sbu’s paranoia gets higher and second guesses his ability to become a father. Themba is trying to pitch some ideas to Vusi but his father is distracted by Zama who has been asking for payment to keep quiet.

Zama also shows up at the game lodge because Vusi is stalling. Val and Dineo decide to have a surprise gender reveal party for Beauty even though she doesn’t want to know the gender.

They find out from Sbu who knows but keeps it a secret. Siya has been trying to get Vusi to meet him so that they can contact their mother but Vusi has so many spinning plates to deal with.

Themba sees Zama talking to Vusi and assumes that they’re having an affair so he tells Sbu that they should confront their father. Shadrock has been helping Dineo and Val with their party without question because of the guilt he’s facing.

Zama reveals the gender reveal plan to Beauty by mistake and Shadrock tells her that Sbu is the one who told them so she drives off into the reserve.

Sbu and Themba go to their father’s room to talk about Zama and Zama shows up there as well with Siya and Dineo coming soon after. It is revealed that Zama is Vusi’s child from an affair and Zama tells Dineo that Val burned her house down.

Siya tells everyone that Beauty drove off and Beauty’s jeep stalls and her water breaks in the middle of nowhere.

How to Ruin Christmas season 3 ending explained:

What happens to Beauty’s baby?

Zama is disappointed with Vusi and Val and realises how they feel about her so she leaves. She comes across the jeep and finds Beauty soon after.

She tells her that the hospital is too far away but there is a jacuzzi at the spa where she can have her water birth. While she’s headed back, everyone else goes in search of her but eventually get back in time.

Beauty feels betrayed by everyone and doesn’t want them in the room with her but eventually accepts that she needs her family by her side and gives birth to a baby boy.

Do Vusi and Zama make up?

Vusi fells bad for the way he treated Zama but he also has to contend with Val’s feelings. Val doesn’t have anything against Zama but she is a reminder of a time that Val would like to forget.

They decide that Zama needs a family around Christmas and they should accept her but Zama left while everyone was celebrating the th birth of Beauty’s child.

They manage to track her down and tell her that they want her to spend Christmas with them and she is happy to have people close to her during the holidays.

How do they spend Christmas?

The family have a grand lunch with Dineo and Val preparing the food together for everyone. Vusi announces that they will allocate some funds for the Sellos to rebuild their home.

The insurance company tells Dineo about the taped power switch and she confronts Shadrock about it but they accept Vusi and Val’s gift as god’s intention which they do not want to refuse.

Vusi is content with his life and thanks his wife for her support and asks her to marry him again in a wonderful moment.

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