Hollywood Stargirl (2022) summary and ending explained

In ‘Hollywood Stargirl’ (2022), silver-voiced teenager, Stargirl, moves from Mica to L.A. and becomes acquainted with two brothers, a cranky neighbour and a musician. It is currently streaming on Disney+.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

‘Hollywood Stargirl’ starts off with Susan “Stargirl” Caraway moving to L.A. with her mother, Ana Caraway. During the move, they exchange a conversation wherein Stargirl expresses her desire to have a more permanent place.

Ana, a costume designer for movies, is required to move frequently because of her job and she tells Stargirl that this is the only way she knows how to take care of them.

Ana, however, also reassures Stargirl that she would be able to complete her senior year in L.A., which means them staying in one place a whole year.

They settle into an apartment in California, meeting the landlady, Daphne, who lives right across the road with her husband and two sons – Evan and Terrell.

Daphne announces that her sons are making a movie and chats with Ana while Stargirl gets excited about her life in a new place.

While Ana works overtime, unable to spend time with her daughter, Stargirl finds new ways to keep herself busy and entertained.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Hollywood Stargirl (2022) ending explained in detail:

Starting a new life

As she tries to figure out her routine in a new city, Stargirl explores and finds exciting things to do around. She finds travelling by the bus exciting too, as she goes to visit her mother at her workplace.

While she is happy exploring the place on her own, Stargirl wants to share the excitement with her mother and gets her a succulent as a present, which Ana is not able to notice due to her busy schedule.

At home, Stargirl works on her music and enjoys her own company, as Evan hears her singing and tries to get her attention.

Evan tells her about the movie him and his brother are working on and that they are looking for a female lead. Stargirl hesitates.

Evan elaborates how they are working on a sizzle reel in order to get a producer to invest in making the film. 

The next day, Stargirl tries to acquaint with her cranky old neighbour and gets him a muffler, which he appreciates.

Evan takes her to a bar named Forte, where Terrell works, for her to perform. Her performance is enjoyed by everyone present at the bar and lightens up the mood.

‘Miracle Mile’

At Forte, after her performance, Stargirl recognises the ex-musician Roxanne Martel, who was introduced to her by Ana. Apparently, Roxanne had been a regular at the bar.

Stargirl introduces Evan and Terrell to her all-time favourite album by Roxanne, ‘Miracle Mile’. She suggests the idea that they could use her music in their film.

Terrell arranges a meeting with her the next day. Stargirl tries her best to take Roxanne’s permission but she refuses and asks her to work on something new instead.

Stargirl then gets inspiration to work on her own music and works on it with Evan. They get equipment from the bar Forte itself and Roxanne allows them to use her instruments.

Roxanne reveals that she didn’t refuse because she’s mean but because she knew there was potential for something new there. She then resumes to help them record and produce their own music.

Later, Stargirl’s neighbour, who also used to be a producer, lends them his old camera to sell. They can then afford camera equipment and end up shooting their reel.

On finishing their reel, Terrell sends it to many production houses, and to their disappointment, they don’t get a reply back from anywhere.

A dream come true

They finally get an offer from a production house, who loved their film idea and are willing to fund a million dollars.

After the good news, there comes the bad news. Stargirl runs home to tell her mother about her opportunity, but Ana had loses her job and tells her that they would have to move to Berkeley, for she has a job offer there.

Stargirl tries to convince Ana to stay and find another job, but Ana tells her that this is real life and it is not that easy to get a job.

Dejected at this turn of events, Stargirl tells Terrell to continue the film without her and they can use her song wherever they want. She bids farewell to her neighbour.

Back home, she has a heart-to-heart with Ana and they finally decide to stay back for the movie and have faith for once.

At the end, Roxanne and Stargirl perform where it all began, Forte. The film ends with Stargirl and her crew shooting their film, getting their happy ending.

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