Hold Tight (2022) summary and ending explained

Hold Tight is a mystery drama mini-series about a boy who goes missing soon after the death of his best friend and the efforts of his parents to find out the truth behind his disappearance. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Anna (Magdalena Boczarska) is a doctor, married woman and mother of two. Her older son, Adam (Krzysztof Oleksyn), has been going through a tough time recently because his best friend, Igor, died of an accidental overdose and she’s worried for him.

She feels like he’s pushing away from his parents so she decides to install spyware on his phone despite the disapproval of her husband, Michal (Leszek Lichota). She gets obsessed over all the messages he’s been sending and receiving.

A woman named Marianna is abducted by a couple at a bar. They question her about the whereabouts of a particular tablet or video but she’s too drugged up to answer.

Janusz owns a produce store and his daughter is friends with Ola, Anna’s daughter. His daughter, Jasmina, is being bullied in school because of a misdirected joke cracked by one of her teachers.

Adam keeps blaming himself for Igor’s death and seems to hint at some kind of foul play behind it but his friends tell him to keep his mouth shut and forget about it. Anna gets worried after not hearing from Adam and heads out in search of him.

She finds his friends and follows them to some club but she’s not let in and later gets beaten up by a couple of thugs. While everyone begins searching for Anna, the police find her body near a dumpster where she last saw Adam.

After she regains consciousness, she and Michal go to Pawel and Laura’s house. Pawel is a former prosecutor and his daughter, Kaja, was Adam’s girlfriend. They ask them for some help in locating their son or clues to what he was into.

While Ola is sleeping over at Jasmina’s house, Jasmina shows her the gun her father owns. She imagines shooting her teacher right in the chest but Ola gets uncomfortable.

A woman is going around searching for Marianna and the same couple from before abduct her as well, asking about the very same tablet. She insists that she doesn’t know anything but the captor beats her anyway.

The woman’s husband reports her disappearance to the police and gives them her information. Later on, someone reports her car as abandoned and the police go check it out. Kaja prints out fliers with Adam’s picture to help look for him.

The teacher who made fun of Jasmina tries to make peace with Janusz but to no avail. The strange couple visits a pawn shop where the tablet was seen last and gets the information of the person who bought it. The police investigate all the places the woman went to get some leads on her location.

Anna and Michal go back to the club and are turned towards a community youth centre called ‘Guru’ where they meet Joanna Makowska. She tells them that she help Adam because he didn’t trust his parents to be of any help.

The tablet was bought by Kaja’s friend Nika so the couple follow her until they get the chance and grab her. The police find Marianna’s body and begin to draw connections between her and the other woman who was reported missing.

Adam sends a message to Kaja in the middle of the night and Anna and Michal get to know because of the spyware. They go to her house the next day to find out more but Kaja isn’t very forthcoming. Anna tries going to the police again but they tell her that they spoke to Adam and that he’s fine and will be back in a few days.

The couple are interrogating Nika and gets into her tablet but is unable to find the video they were looking for. Nika manages to grab hold of a pair of scissors from her bag and uses them to escape. She goes to the police and tells them everything.

Meanwhile, the police find the body of the second woman near an abandoned factory. Janusz is informed about the murder of his ex-wife, Marianna and he struggles to take the news well.

Anna is visited by the CBI who state that they’re investigating her involvement in the illegal drug trade. They show her prescriptions from her pad given out for potent drugs to random individuals. Adam’s friends are being threatened by Makowska for some information that Adam possessed and they promise to get it from him.

It is later revealed that they have Adam tied up in a secure location to safeguard themselves. Adam manages to get a hold of one of their phones and calls his father but before he can say more he’s interrupted.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here is a complete breakdown.

Hold Tight (2022) ending explained in detail (Episode 6):

Trying to cover up old mistakes

Anna and Michal go to the police about Adam’s latest call but they get no help from them. Meanwhile, Adam is unconscious from the scuffle with his friends and they think he is dead. They try to cover up their tracks by asking Makowska for help hiding his body in exchange for the information she wanted.

The teacher who had made fun of Jasmina gets a video of him cheating on his wife. When he sees the news report of two women being murdered, he gets flustered. It turns out that he asks the strange couple for help because he’s being blackmailed by someone.

When he finds out that they’re killing people he cuts off contact with them. They insist on completing the job and exploring other leads.

The mystery begins to unfurl

Michal reaches out to someone who owes him a favour and asks him to track the location of the number Adam has been texting from. The first location that turns up is his friend’s house but by the time Michal gets there, they’re already gone.

The CBI take over the investigation and shut the parents out after some influential intervention. Meanwhile, Adam regains consciousness and escapes. He goes to Guru to confront Makowska and tell her that he’s going to go to the police.

The truth comes out about Makowska dealing drugs with the illegally obtained prescription pads from Adam and Igor, and how Igor overdosed on those very same drugs. A CBI inspector questions Adam’s friend who cannot keep it in anymore and comes clean.

Reunited with the family

Adam gets ready to leave but Makowska stops him with a gun. At that very moment, Anna and Michal arrive and all hell breaks loose. The family get the upper hand until the police arrive later on. Adam unveils a recording to the police that incriminates Makowska while clearing his mother’s name.

The strange couple shows up at Janusz’s house while Ola and Jasmina are there. They beat up Janusz and question him about the tablet and he says that they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Jasmina gets a hold of her father’s gun and shoots the man with it before her father grabs it from her. The police question the teacher who had hired them but he denies being in touch with them. He also tells them about being blackmailed by Marianna and how someone still has access to the compromising video.

In the next moment, it is shown that Jasmina has the tablet with a picture of her and her mother and she’s the one who has been blackmailing her teacher.

Anna and Michal are celebrating their anniversary and when Anna has a moment to herself, she exhibits doubts and is certain that Adam was involved in the robbery of other prescription pads but she vows that because he’s her son she will protect him for as long as she lives.

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