Yakamoz S-245 review: Engaging apocalyptic thriller

Netflix’s ‘Yakamoz S-245’ is set in the same universe as the thriller Netflix series, ‘Into the Night’ and tells the story of the titular submarine and the people aboard it as they try to escape the deadly rays of the sun.


The plot for Yakamoz S-245 is teased at the end of Into The Night season 2 when the submarine arrives at the Doomsday Vault in Norway as Ayaz holds Markus at gunpoint. 

The story however kicks off way before disaster strikes and focuses on the protagonist Arman Kaya — a diving instructor and Marine Biologist living in Turkey. 

He is approached by his ex-girlfriend Defne who tries to recruit him for a diving mission at the Erebus Trench. The crew also comprises Rana, Cem and Felix the oceanographer. However, Arman is livid at the fact that the sponsor for the whole expedition is none other than his father’s company.

He still joins the mission and the crew travels to the trench. They carry out a test dive before sunrise but are shocked to see their ship deserted when they come up. They then watch a video left by Defne’s fiancé, Kenan, in which he reveals that the crew received word about the lethal weather event that has started in Asia and they must find shelter before sunrise if they want to live.

As they hurry to find a place to avoid the sun, they discover the Yakamoz S-245 — a military submarine whose commander lets them come on board. From there begins a quest for survival as hidden secrets about Defne and the submarine’s true mission come out, creating major conflicts.


Kivanç Tatlitug leads the show as Arman. He’s convincing as the good looking leader and saviour of his group who stands for what is right but he’s too clean for this murky plot. However, that doesn’t take away from his acting prowess which shines in every scene he’s in. Ironically, he’s probably the blandest character of the lot.

Özge Özpirinçci plays Defne, Arman’s ex-girlfriend and fellow scientist. There is a certain mystique about her character that she portrays extremely well. The urgency with which she tries to carry out her secret mission and the calm demeanour she wears while interacting with others show her excellent range.

Ertan Saban essays the role of Umut, the sub’s second-in-command who takes over the commander’s role after his superior’s death. His character is supposed to be the antagonist and Saban excels in his portrayal. You never know what his next move might be or if he is actually the villain which says a lot about his acting prowess.

The great thing is that even he is quite a grey presence in the series. The show makes you understand the reasoning behind his actions which are quite convincing.

The supporting cast featuring Meric Aral, Ece Çesmioglu, Jerry Hoffmann, and Ersin Arici, among others are worthy additions. Everyone puts their best step forward and aid the plot’s intensity and mysterious nature. The performances are one of the best things about Yakamoz S-245.


The show expands the world of Into The Night expertly as it goes underwater instead of sky high like its predecessor and connects well into the main story by the end.

The plot builds enough tension between the civilian science team and the military crew that it keeps you extremely hooked. The length of the series is also apt with seven episodes.

The characters are diverse and the plot touches heavily on the internal workings of the human mind as uncertainty and betrayal take hold of people in this confined underwater space.

Visually, the series is quite stellar. The visual effects and cinematography are on point alongside the underwater sequences.


Yakamoz S-245 has got potential but it does not live up to it quite as much. Firstly, it takes a while for the urgency to develop and the plot to get going.

The show’s focus is more on the personal conflicts, ego clashes and disagreements rather than the actual world ending disaster at hand. These clashes are entertaining initially but do not hold enough mettle to keep you interested all the time.

The plot twists are also not very shocking. Arguably if you pay enough attention, you can see the involvement of NATO and Arman’s father way before it is revealed.


Yakamoz S-245 is an entertaining binge session that will leave you feeling content. However, it is no mind blowing thriller that you may expect it to be.

Rating: 3/5

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