He’s All That ending explained: Does Cameron become Prom King?

Netflix’s latest release, ‘He’s All That’, follows a social influencer as she tries to win a bet by turning the loser guy in school into the Prom King.

‘He’s All That’ is a gender-swapped version of ‘She’s All That’ (1999) and begins with influencer, Padgett Sawyer (Addison Rae), catching her famous boyfriend, Jordan Van Draanen (Peyton Meyer) cheating on her.

She loses her cool and creates a massive scene while the entire drama unfolds live on social media. It results in her becoming a meme, losing her scholarship and a huge amount of fan following.

She has to turn it around. She makes a bet with her friends where they would choose one guy in school and transform his lousy self into the next Prom King.

She accepts it. The loser guy chosen is Cameron Kweller (Tanner Buchanan), an uptight person with no social presence. However, in her work of transforming him, they start feeling for each other. 

Does she succeed in her endeavour? Does Cameron become Prom King or stay the ‘loser’ he is thought to be?

He’s All That ending explained in detail:

Insta live

The plotline of the American teenage film opens up with Padgett Sawyer living the life of a social influencer with popularity and a significant amount of fan following.

To surprise her famous singer boyfriend Jordan Van Draanen, she reaches his shooting site. She asks her friend to film her surprising him live on social media. However, things go terribly wrong when she catches him cheating on her with another dancer.

She loses her cool and starts shouting and cursing at him all the while it gets broadcasted live. Her snot-filled, smudged mascara face gets trending on social media — transforming her into a meme from an influencer in one night.

Following it, she loses a massive number of fans, her scholarships and sponsorships. Not only that, she gets a new name, ‘Bubbly Girl’, because of her snot picture.

To add to her wounds, her ex-boyfriend retains his popularity.

‘Loser’ Bet

Seeing the unaffected behaviour of Jordan, she boasts about how her makeover magic had transformed him from a loser to a hot celebrity.

Her friend, Alden (Madison Pettis), then challenges her to create a new Prom King who can defeat Jordan. The loser has to tattoo ‘LOSER’ reminding them of their sore loss. Padgett accepts it.

Her two friends then go on to choose a guy for the makeover challenge, and they select a lousy, anti-social guy, Cameron, who hates everything and everybody and has no online footprints.

Padgett approaches Cameron and manages to strike up a friendship. Cameron soon finds himself falling for the beautiful, bubbly social influencer. She gives him a test makeover for Alden’s birthday party, and voila! he turns out to be hotter than she imagined.

However, a fight between Cameron and Jordan at the birthday party brings additional trouble. Padgett realises that she is falling for her little project as well, but the selfish motivation behind their friendship gnaws at her conscience.

Prom Night

After the birthday mishap and the fight, Cameron turns into an overnight celebrity and gets nominated for the Prom King. Even though he is angry at Padgett, he realises he wants to be the King to pull down Jordan from his high chair.

Meanwhile, Padgett comes to know that her ‘friend’ Alden has backstabbed her and is now dating her ex-boyfriend. Alden has sabotaged her career by broadcasting her entire breakup drama that sparked the whole situation.

Alden reveals how she already knows about Padgett’s fake life, which she tries to hide so desperately. Her entire made-up world of riches crumbles, but she vows to win the bet.

On the other hand, Cameron opens his door to Padgett to show her his photography skills, something he treasures a lot, and they kiss. Cameron then proposes to her for prom, where he is informed that he was only a ‘bet’, a ‘makeover project’ for her.

He feels betrayed and leaves. Padgett realises that she truly loves him and treasures him more than anything else. She somehow manages to connect with Cameron’s sister and asks her to help get him back.

Padgett goes to prom and wins, but because Cameron does not show up, she loses the bet after all. He does not become the Prom King. However, she owns up to her mistakes and her fake life on social media to redeem herself.

Meanwhile, Cameron realises his love for Padgett after talking to his sister. He goes to the prom and approaches Padgett on horseback. She apologises to him, and they get together.

Padgett changes her life from a makeover ‘influencer’ to a traveller, giving something true to her massive followers.

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