Head to Head (2023) summary and ending explained

Head to Head or Ras Bras is a Saudi action-comedy film that follows two men who get embroiled with a crime syndicate after accidentally kidnapping a crime lord. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Two men get ready to deal with criminals. The film shifts to 24 hours earlier and narrates the events that led them to the situation.

King of Diamonds, a withered old former crime lord is freed from Russian prison. Fayadh, a mechanic, tries to replace car parts with cheap quality replacements but gets caught when the dealer goes overboard with the parts. He works for ‘Sheikhs’ Chauffeur’.

Fayadh is about to be fired, but the company owner’s son, Saroub, overthrows the CEO and makes Fayadh CEO instead. However, he must pick up his father to sign and make it official.

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Darwish, a chauffeur, is about to be fired, but Fayadh prevents it and assigns him the job of picking up Saroub’s father.

However, Darwish messes it up and picks up King of Diamonds instead. Jack of Diamonds, his son, asks Darwish and Fayadh to exchange the two in, Bathaika, a crime-infested town.

They reach the point of exchange, but the King of Diamonds suddenly dies after eating candy because of an allergy, forcing the two to flee.

As the two attempt to hide with the body of the King of Diamonds, they realise the dance of Bathaika, with some goons stealing their car.

Fayadh calls his friend, Abu Ghadra, for help. He finally tells him the entire story behind the crime lord. King of Diamonds stole a valuable ‘egg’ ornament from the Russians.

He gave it to his son, Jack of Diamonds, to impress his lover, Nuwayyer, whose father was the mayor of Bathaika. While he was an honest man and objected to the marriage at first, he eventually agreed.

The King of Diamonds won over the mayor and gained dominance over the town. He used it for his own drug syndicate. 

When the mayor found out, he tried to expose him, but the King of Diamonds killed him and took control of Bathaika. 

Nuwayyer realised the kind of family she had married into. She told the Russians that the King of Diamonds had stolen the egg, which led to his imprisonment.

Jack of Diamonds figured this out and killed Nuwayyer. The King of Diamonds has been imprisoned ever since and was only released now.

Head to Head ending explained in detail:

What is their plan to tackle the Jack of Diamonds?

Abu Ghadra takes the two to his friend, Abboud. While they are sceptical about his ability to infiltrate the Jack of Diamonds’ hideout and rescue Saroub’s father, he turns out to be an accomplished spy.

Fayadh is tasked with cutting off the power of the house. Darwish has to wait in the car 500 metres away from the hideout and escape with Abboud and Saroub’s father as soon as they are free.

Abu Ghadra has to guard the body of the King of Diamonds. However, the plan is messed up and they all get caught.

It turns out that Latifa, Jack of Diamonds’ daughter, planned to steal the egg. She is also Darwish’s lover, and he picks her up as they flee. He is shocked that she hid this from him.

Do Darwish and Fayadh succeed?

As Darwish and Abu Ghadra are tied, Latifa comes to their rescue. They make a new plan. Darwish calls the Jack of Diamonds and asks for his daughter’s hand in marriage, thinking that he does not recognise his face, but he does.

The Jack of Diamond accepts and invites him. But they end up sending in a decoy and give them false information about the King of Diamonds’ location.

They fall for it and in their absence, Darwish rescues Fayadh and the other hostages. The Jack of Diamonds reaches the location and realises that his father is dead. His entire gang is eliminated by a bomb.

What happens at the end?

As everyone escapes, Darwish goes back into the house for Latifa. When she comes out, the Jack of Diamonds holds her at gunpoint. Darwish kills him and saves her.

At the end of the film, Darwish asks the chauffeur what’s wrong, questioning whether it’s about the girl’s father. He says whatever it is, it will all work out, as he and Latifa are shown to have ended up together.

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