Hans: Seasons character explained

In Seasons, Hans is Charlie’s colleague. He likes her with all his heart. However, he often feels like he is invisible to her when he is around her.

When Charlie pushes her best friend, Kurt, to try online dating apps, he, in return, pushes her to go out with Hans, her colleague who has been asking her out for the past two years.

Kurt believes Hans likes Charlie a lot, and there is potential here. Just to make sure that Kurt gets on a dating app and finds his better half, Charlie decides to go out with Hans. She suggests that they can go and eat outside instead of ordering in like they always do at their office.

Hans and Charlie do get along over their office jokes. Hans doesn’t shy away from showing how much he is into her when he ties her shoelaces. Charlie starts seeing the potential here after going on a proper date with Hans.

However, at the end of the day, she finds herself alone when she doesn’t have Kurt by her side to tell him everything about this date. She waits for Kurt’s message more than Hans’.

Kurt gets lost dating Jane, and his absence eventually begins making Charlie realize that she is probably in love with her best friend.

Does Hans break up with Charlie?

Hans is one of the first people to notice Charlie’s feelings toward Kurt when she sings a song that is clearly for her best friend at Kurt’s bar’s opening. Hans watches Charlie stare at Kurt as she sings the song. Even Hans and an uncomfortable Kurt share a look.

Later, along with Jane, Hans also feels left out when Kurt comes forward to take care of Charlie, who gets sick and vomits after drinking.

Hans: Seasons character explained 1
Hans opens up to Charlie

Kurt and Jane take a drunk Charlie home. The next day, Hans visits Charlie and brings breakfast for her. He then opens up to her. He confesses that he felt invisible to her for years, but when she finally noticed him, he felt good.

Hans was happy and thought this was it, but last night at the bar, he once again felt invisible to her, almost like he didn’t exist. It is clear that Hans and Charlie ended their relationship after this. Charlie feels guilty because she believes she should have seen this coming.

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