Han Ji-su: Hierarchy character explained

Han Ji-su, a teacher at Jooshin High, is involved in In-han’s death. In Hierarchy, Byeon Seo-yun plays Ms. Han.

Ms. Han is a teacher at Korea’s most prestigious school, Jooshin High. However, like the rest of the faculty at Jooshin, Ms. Han holds no authority. 

As the students at Jooshin come from wealthy and influential families, even the faculty is scared of them, which is why they take no action to address the bullying of scholarship students.

Students like Ri-an have free rein to do as they please, while teachers like Ms. Han cannot object to or discipline them for their actions.

An inappropriate relationship

Ms. Han is breaking school rules by dating Lee Woo-jin, one of the most popular and influential students at school. 

While Woo-jin clearly tells her that it is a casual relationship, Ms. Han gets attached to him because he keeps buying her expensive gifts. 

Ms. Han likes those gifts because they make her feel significant in a place where a person’s wealth determines their social status. 

Jae-i figures out that Ms. Han is dating Woo-jin and does not hesitate to highlight the precariousness of Ms. Han’s position, leading to Ms. Han disliking her the most.

Ms. Han also does not like He-ra, as she knows that Woo-jin will never fall in love with her because of his feelings for He-ra, which makes her jealous of He-ra. 

Eventually, Woo-jin starts to distance himself from Ms. Han after Jae-i advises him to choose between He-ra and Ms. Han, leading to their breakup, much to her disappointment.

The hit-and-run case

On Woo-jin’s birthday, Ms. Han had gone to his birthday party, where In-han had seen them kissing while running from his bullies. 

Ms. Han was scared that In-han might tell someone about her relationship with Woo-jin, so she followed him in Woo-jin’s car and ended up hitting In-han with it. 

The accident killed In-han, and Ms. Han fled the scene but not without taking the pen camera that In-han had on him. She left the camera in the car, and it was later found by Woo-jin.

Hierarchy Han Ji-su
Ms. Han kills In-han

Woo-jin covered up Ms. Han’s crime because the car was registered under his father’s name, and he did not want his father’s political career to suffer. 

After her breakup with Woo-jin, Ms. Han fears for her future and decides to keep Woo-jin’s car as leverage. 

Ms. Han refuses to return the car to Woo-jin, despite him promising to keep protecting her, because it is the only thing that is keeping Woo-jin from reporting her. 

Principal Park then finds out about Ms. Han and Woo-jin’s relationship, which results in Ms. Han being forced to resign and move away, as Woo-jin’s parents want to keep the relationship under wraps.

Ms. Han has no intention of leaving Woo-jin’s life. Woo-jin then realizes that all his wrongdoings started when he covered up her crime, so he decides to expose her. 

He gives In-han’s pen camera to Jae-i, which ultimately leads to Ms. Han’s arrest by the police.

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