Gwon Min-Hyuk: Wonderful World character explained

Gwon Min-Hyuk is a supporting character in the mystery crime drama, Wonderful World. Lim Ji-Sub plays the character in the show. 

After killing the man responsible for the death of her son, Eun Soo-Hyun serves her sentence in prison where she meets fellow inmate Jang Hyeong-Ja. 

She was responsible for the death of innocent parents of a young kid when she set ablaze the building where her partner was cheating on her with some other woman. 

The young kid was the only survivor of the fire incident and Hyeong-Ja wrote many letters to him that she could never give to him by herself. 

The wrong Min-Hyuk

Before her death, Hyeong-Ja handed the diary of letters to Soo-Hyun, asking her to give it to the kid who survived the incident. After she gets out of prison, Soo-Hyun finds the kid, who’s now a grown-up, named Gwon Seon-Yul. 

Over time, though, she learns that the diary that she got from Hyeong-Ja has been given to the wrong person; Gwon Seon-Yul isn’t the victim of Hyeong-Ja’s arson and has been pretending to be him to fool Eun Soo-Hyun. 

Gwon Seon-Yul Eun Soo-Hyun Wonderful World
Gwon Seon-Yul and Eun Soo-Hyun

She soon revisits the psychologist who wrongfully directed her to Gwon Seon-Yul at first, as the guy she’s looking for, because she’s related to him and on his request, did his bidding. 

Meeting Min-Hyuk

She gets the right identity of the person she wants to meet and his name is Gwon Min-Hyuk. She shortly visits him and he’s naturally angry at her, having not had any dialogs with her before to better understand her position. 

Eun Soo-Hyun gives him her contact info and provides him with a new perspective on revenge, life, and regret by telling him her story, before leaving. 

Gwon Min-Hyuk has been in contact with Gwon Seom-Yul, who assumed his identity to get close to Soo-Hyun and torment her as part of his revenge. 

Meanwhile, he also began being close and considerate to Gwon Min-Hyuk, because he thinks they’re alike in some ways, and that helps him sympathize with him.

Between Soo-Hyun & Seon-Yul

Gwon Min-Hyuk lives a harsh life, as he regularly gambles away his money and gets beaten by thugs and gangsters when he’s unable to pay off his debts. 

He can’t find it in himself to forgive Hyeong-Ja, and his sorry state of life has been thanks to the trauma he suffered as a young kid. 

He did attend counseling sessions with Professor Kim Si-Ra, but he stopped attending them after a point, as his life only got progressively worse. 

Right, now he’s in a conflicted state regarding Eun Soo-Hyun and the woman who robbed him of everything he had. 

However, he’s not as conflicted about Seon-Yul, who has been nothing but helpful and kind to him, even helping clear his debts and paying his hospital bills, essentially saving his life.

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