Guyvin: Human Resources season 2 character explained

Guyvin is a hormone monster who just happens to be the departed Gavin’s twin brother in Human Resources season 2. The character is voiced by

Following Gavin’s heroic sacrifice in the season finale, Lionel twists the facts to paint him as a coward who died in a puddle of his own piss but the arrival of Guyvin, his suspiciously good-natured twin brother makes Lionel sweat a little.

Lionel constantly changes elements of the story of how he saved everyone while Gavin cowered to his death and Guyvin shows up to thank him for being with his brother during his final moments.

He asks Lionel if they could have a coffee together later that evening so that Lionel can describe Gavin’s final moments and give his twin some much-needed closure.

Lionel, however, is convinced that he’s actually Gavin who survived and is now trying to expose his secret to the rest of the office.

A weight lifted

To confirm his suspicions, Lionel goes into the washroom and sneaks a peak while Guyvin is in the stall. He sees the hormone monster wielding a firehose penis and react in the same way Gavin did when he tried to put out the fire.

Lionel goes to Pete to share his theory but Pete calls him cuckoo bananas for thinking that Guyvin is actually Gaving pretending to be a different person.

At the end of the workday, Guyvin goes to Lionel’s office and invites him onto the roof since that is where Gavin spent his final moments. Lionel worries that he’s going to be killed so he takes one of his nazi dildos as protection along with a pashmina scarf for the cold.

Guyvin: Human Resources season 2 character explained 1
Lionel is terrified of Guyvin despite his calm demeanor

Guyvin goes through Lionel’s version of events once more before Lionel completely loses it and admits to lying about everything while he holds the dildo and threatens to whack Guyvin with it.

Guyvin reacts in a positive way, telling Lionel that he’s actually relieved to find out the truth and commenting that Lionel must have needed to get this off his chest too. He then invites Lionel in for a hug but as the shame wizard opens up his arms, his scarf flies off and onto Guyvin’s face.

With his vision impaired, Guyvin begins to panic as he’s afraid of the dark and this causes him to pee in that panic. As he’s flailing around in his own piss, he gets closer to the edge and falls over in the same way Lionel described his brother’s death.

With Guyvin dead, Lionel heaves a sigh of relief as he got unburdened himself and doesn’t have to worry about anyone else finding out.

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