Guns & Gulaabs summary and ending explained

In Guns & Gulaabs, a mechanic, an heir to a gang, a contract killer, and a cop find themselves entangled in an opium deal to protect their individual interests. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After the death of his father, Babu Tiger, who worked for Ganchi, a drug lord in Gulaabgunj, everyone expects his son, Tipu, a mechanic, to follow in his father’s footsteps.

However, Tipu looks forward to a simple life of hard work where he wants to settle down once and for all with his crush, Chandralekha, also known as Lekha, who teaches at a school.

Tipu eventually becomes what he never wanted to be when he kills two men from Sherpur, a town run by Ganchi’s rival, Nabeed, in a fit of rage because they tried to tease him about his father. Tipu is forced to turn to Ganchi for help, as only he can make sure there is no case against him.

Ganchi is under pressure. He is supposed to deliver a large amount of opium to a client in Calcutta. Though Ganchi assures that he will somehow manage to send this amount, the client’s representative, Sukanto, warns him about what will happen if he fails to live up to his promise.

There are several problems that Ganchi sees in his sights. One of them is Arjun, a new Narcotics officer in the town who is keeping a close watch on the illegal opium business.

The second is a contract killer named Four-Cut Atmaram from Bombay, hired by Nabeed. Atmaram kills people in four attacks that are meant to separate the soul. The third and most important problem is growing enough opium before the end of the month.

Ganchi comes up with a plan, but before he can explain it to his gang members, he falls into a coma after an accident. Ganchi’s son, Jugnu, takes over the reins, and he desperately wants to prove to his father that he is capable of running this business on his own.

Atmaram comes to hunt Tipu down. While he doesn’t catch Tipu, he does manage to kill Tipu’s best friend, Suneel, whose death leaves an impact on Tipu.

Tipu joins Ganchi’s gang in hopes of avenging the deaths of his best friend and, maybe, even his father, who was also killed by Atmaram.

Meanwhile, Arjun’s past comes haunting him. Pratap, a former IAS officer who got arrested in a defense scandal because of Arjun’s botched investigation, seeks revenge on Arjun.

Pratap used a girl named Yamini, who got close to Arjun. He has pictures of Yamini and Arjun in compromising positions that will ruin Arjun’s life. He threatens Arjun with those pictures. At the moment, he just desires to ruin his life the way Arjun ruined his.

With Ganchi in a coma, Nabeed is making his moves and trying to become the new king. Nabeed once worked under Ganchi, who promised to make him heir to his business if he won’t have a son. However, Jugnu was born, and Nabeed lost his chance.

SP Mishra, who works for Ganchi, doesn’t trust the guts of Jugnu. So he takes Sukanto’s deal to Nabeed. While Nabeed and Jugnu are fighting about who will get this deal, Arjun sees a chance and jumps in.

Arjun has been seizing illegal opium from Gulaabgunj and Sherpur. He plans to sell this opium to Sukanto and use that money to fulfill all of Pratap’s demands.

To grow more opium, Jugnu tries to steal from farmers who are supposed to give opium to the government. One of these farmers is Lekha’s father. This causes a stir between Lekha and Tipu.

Tipu, who has managed to evade Atmaram, goes to great lengths to give Lekha’s father his share back. Meanwhile, Jugnu proposes a partnership to Nabeed, knowing that they can’t deliver the promised amount of opium to Sukanto on their own.

Though Nabeed rejects this partnership, when Tipu, who knows Arjun has struck a deal with Sukanto, learns of this, he teams up with Arjun.

Ganchi is waking up from the coma. A scared Nabeed pours out his frustrations on Atmaram, who is disappointed in himself. Atmaram doesn’t hold back his feelings and proceeds to kill Nabeed.

Tipu informs Arjun of how Jugnu might come to hunt him down. In exchange, he asks Arjun to mess with the government documents and write that Lekha’s father delivered opium.

The plan they devise works, and Jugnu loses the trail of opium Arjun has collected. However, someone else jumps into the frame. Atmaram kidnaps Arjun’s daughter, Jyotsna, and blackmails him into coming to his hideout.

Sukanto doesn’t get his hands on the opium with Arjun missing. He instead faces Jugnu and his gang. Only Jugnu comes out alive from this confrontation.

Guns & Gulaabs ending explained in detail:

Who is Atmaram working for?

Dheeraj, the man working for Pratap, is disappointed that Arjun and Pratap have struck a deal. Now, he is getting nothing out of this. Hence, he decides to steal everything from Arjun and Pratap.

Dheeraj is the one who hires Atmaram, who is out of work after killing his last client, Nabeed, in a fit of rage. Atmaram and Pratap keep Jyotsna and her boyfriend, Lalkrishna, captive in hopes that Arjun will come and give them the opium.

Who dies at the end?

Lekha and Lalkrishna’s friend, Gangaram, follow to rescue them. Soon, Tipu and his friend, Bunty, arrive and crash their car into Atmaram. Arjun is next to come to the location.

While Tipu takes Atmaram down, Arjun kills Dheeraj. Tipu is left heavily injured. While he is being taken to the hospital, he hands Lekha a receipt that says her father’s opium has been delivered.

Furthermore, Tipu is glad that he has been able to avenge the deaths of his best friend and father. He goes unconscious in Lekha’s arms, and it is hinted that he dies.

When it comes to Atmaram, he had spread a rumor that his seven deaths are forgiven. Hence, he has been escaping death. The closing shot of the series sees Atmaram grabbing his knife again, suggesting that he has survived.

Does Arjun sell his collected opium?

After going through all of this hassle and watching his daughter get endangered, Arjun changes his mind. He calls Pratap and tells him he doesn’t want to play games anymore. He will deal with his wife, Madhu, if she finds out about his pictures with Yamini.

Yamini visits Arjun. She has come to the realization that he is a good man, so she hands him the negatives, but he has decided to tell Madhu the truth.

Before Arjun can do that, Yamini lets him know that by telling Madhu the truth, he is going to hand over the weight of his sins to her. He lied to her because of his guilt, and now he is trying to be free from it for himself.

Madhu will now have to handle this truth while he is free. Yamini wants Arjun to choose what’s best for his wife, not him.

What happens to Jugnu?

Jugnu visits his father, Ganchi, in the hospital, dressed up as a woman. He regrets not being the son his father dreamed of, as he lost the Calcutta deal.

After apologizing, Jugnu confesses that he feels suffocated in the shadow of Ganchi. He can never be like his father, as everyone expects. Now, he intends to live the way he wants.

Throughout the show, Jugnu showed signs of wanting to be a woman. He kills his father but promises to keep the Ganchi name alive. He will do it his way. Maybe not as his son, but as his daughter.

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