Grey Evans: Good Times (2024) character explained

In Good Times (2024), Grey Evans is the activist daughter of Beverly and Reggie. Marsai Martin voices Grey.

Grey Evans considers herself the smartest person in the household. Throughout the series, she involves herself in various protests. Oftentimes, she goes to extreme lengths to get her message across.

Grey Evans becomes an important character towards the end, as she is the one who resolves to bring the Evans, who have all ended up on the wrong path, together.

Seeing through the problems

Near the finale of Good Times (2024), Grey tries to save the addicts that have plagued the city’s playground meant for children.

In her attempt to do so, she seeks the help of her mother, Beverly, who is the president of projects.

However, Beverly is lost in the dreams of Bev Gardens, a project promised to her by Allison Whitemen.

The project involves Allison using Beverly to remove the residents of Beverly’s building by promising them a renovated building, only to not welcome them back ever again.

Grey Evans: Good Times (2024) character explained 1
Grey fails to address her problem to Beverly

Grey manages to send the addicts to a clinic by luring them into a trap, while her neighborhood transforms into a place for rich whites.

Saving the Evans

Grey vows to stop Allison Whitemen and her mother after watching the addicts that she saved fall down the wagon and turn to drugs again.

These addicts are not welcomed back into their neighborhood because the place is all cleaned up and now populated by wealthy people; the original residents can’t afford to buy a place there anymore.

Dalvin refrains from helping Grey, so Grey resolves to make her mother realize where she is wrong.

During Beverly’s speech for Bev Gardens, Grey plays a video showing how the system is using Beverly as a puppet and how it is fooling everyone.

Beverly confronts Grey, who explains to Beverly how oblivious she has been to them and that she is selling herself for fame. The system has got to her.

Beverly realizes her mistake and promises her people that they are not going anywhere. Moments later, Junior almost getting killed brings all the Evans together.

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