Allison Whitemen: Good Times (2024) character explained

In Good Times (2024), Allison Whitemen is the antagonist who represents the system.

Allison appears at a time when Beverly is fighting to maintain peace in her neighborhood as the president of projects.

Allison is responsible for works such as the public school system and every corrupt judge that locks up Brown and Black children for a kickback.

After meeting Allison and failing to maintain peace, Beverly comes to realize that Allison is why her neighborhood is struggling.

The system puts guns and drugs on the streets, restricts access to proper education and social programs, and drives young men to join gangs.

Beverly doesn’t stop after failing once. Instead, she keeps fighting for her people and fixing the system.

Allison’s plot

Allison manipulates Beverly into thinking that they are on the same side. They want the same thing—what is best for the projects.

Allison plans to renovate the building where the Evans live. She is using Beverly to convince the residents to move out and show them dreams of what their homes will be once they are renovated.

Allison Good Times (2024)
Allison presents Bev Gardens to Beverly

The location will be called Bev Gardens. However, the original residents won’t be welcomed back into the renovated building.

The project and the amenities that will be provided impress Beverly, even though it sounds too good to be true.

Beverly starts working toward Allison’s mission, lost in dreams of what Bev Gardens will be. The residents buy Beverly’s words and agree to move out too.

Does Allison succeed?

Rumors swirl around that Allison hasn’t given some people their apartments back after renovating their buildings. The buildings have been renovated, but the original residents can’t afford them anymore.

These rumors slowly appear to be true to Grey, who starts seeing white people populating their neighborhood and meets the addicts she saved; they are not welcomed back to their neighborhoods.

Beverly continues to stay oblivious to this as well as her family until Grey takes matters into her own hands. She plays a video about how Beverly is being used by the system, how the system has robbed people of their homes, and what Beverly used to be.

Once Beverly comes to understand where she is wrong, she destroys the model for Bev Gardens and assures her people that they are not going anywhere, ultimately ending Allison’s big plans.

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