Grey and Aisha’s relationship in Fate: The Winx Saga explained

There are a dozen of different relationships and romantic dynamics in Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga season 2, but perhaps the most interesting one out there is that of Aisha and Grey.

Aisha has always been consumed by her compulsory efforts to overachieve, in more disciplines than one. She is the brains of the Winx club and curates all steps and movements in any plan the group intends to see through collectively.

However, the sometimes one-note character is given chance to evolve past her cliché of a personality in season 2, albeit with much restraint still.

Aisha has usually no time for nonsense like love and affairs. She simply has no time for hookups, which stays true for her until late in the sophomore installment.

Although still reluctant to the idea of love and such frivolous things, Aisha in this season is finally given something (someone) to play off of rather than merely acting like a token nerd character.

A slow start

Grey is who catches Aisha’s attention this season. Their first encounter is when Aisha goes out for a swim, in a spot that she has carefully chosen for its undisturbed and uninhabited vibe.

On one of such swims, Aisha notices something in the water that raises her suspicion. However, rather than a perilous new magical creature, it’s a hunk of a specialist. His name is Grey.

Winx saga grey season 2
Grey and Aisha on a walk together/Image source: Netflix

Grey is playful right off the bat, trying to get through to the no-nonsense barrier Aisha has around her. It’s off the screen but the two eventually move beyond the cute banter stage.

The next time the viewers get an update regarding Grey and Aisha’s relationship, it has moved to the texting stage. The two are now exchanging messages over the virtual plane but unfortunately, that’s the level they get stuck to for a hot minute.

The tumultuous path

Grey and Aisha’s relationship is not smooth sailing at the start. Grey wants to move forward to the stage that succeeds the text banter. However, Aisha is too preoccupied to find time for an IRL hangout.

Grey asks a couple of times to hang out but Aisha can’t find time amidst a whole lot of main plot going on.

He finally asks her if she’s down to hang out and Aisha, although admitting she really likes him, can’t really find any time. So the two grow apart and the textual back-and-forth also ceases.

Aisha eventually finds time to be with Grey and hang out as well, giving their dynamic a much-needed revitalization.

Aisha and Grey finally share a kiss as well, and the viewers learn that Grey is her first boyfriend and first kiss. This is exactly what makes the twist reveal all the crueller for Aisha.

The speed breaker

It is revealed that Grey is a blood witch and has been serving as Sebastian’s mole at Alfea. He has been hiding in plain sight and gathering crucial information regarding Alfea’s movements.

Aisha, to her utter disbelief, learns the truth from Queen Luna. She is gutted and absolutely shattered at the revelation.

Grey and Aisha’s relationship comes to a jaw-dropping halt while the latter not only gets her first boyfriend and first kiss ruined by the turn of events, but she also feels absolutely worst and responsible for her friends who are thrown at peril’s way during the finality of events.

Aisha is, as she makes it clear in the prologue, not at all keen on talking or thinking about Grey. However, the final montage of all the characters does indicate otherwise.

Grey Aisha relationship Winx saga
Image source: Netflix

Moments before the credits roll, Aisha can be seen sitting alone in the garden, crying, while Grey comes from behind and places his hand on her shoulders, likely consoling her. Before there happens anything else between the two, the show ends.

However, suffice to say that the relationship between the two is not over just yet. Grey was not a bad guy, even though he did do “bad guy” things while fighting for the blood witches.

Grey seems to be coming around for the better in the next season, albeit he’d have to put a lot of work to redeem himself in Aisha’s eyes.

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