Beatrix’s death in Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 explained

One of the most beloved characters in Fate: The Winx Saga, Beatrix’s arc has had quite a development in the second installment. However, it all comes to a tragic closure with her death.

The world of Winx fairies is rife with heroes, legends, monsters, magic, and villains. However, season 2 of the Netflix series introduces the viewers to a slew of antagonistic characters without exacting a black-and-white treatment upon them.

There’s always some semblance of greyness to the villains in this season. Whether it be the diabolically cryptic and clever Rosalind or the untrappable Blood Witch Sebastian. Even not-so-central characters like Grey (convenient name) have a deep-seated conflict inside them about what they’re doing, despite their circumstances and causes for doing so.

Perhaps the best “grey” character in the second season, and the entire series so far, Beatrix started off as an undeniable antagonist with only a lack of mustache-twirling. She helped get Rosalind out of her stasis and helped her later too, following her orders and directions without protests.

However, Beatrix was never exactly mellow, abiding, submissive, or inferior to Rosalind. No, she is too prideful and confident to fall into those character traits. It later becomes apparent, though, as to why she does what she does.

It’s all for her survival, all it has ever been for. Beatrix was always trying to do whatever it took for her and her guardian Andreas to stay alive. That started to change when Beatrix started growing kinship with Stella.

Although the top priority for her was still her own survival, Beatrix did turn around to move beyond the selfishness amidst a crisis and save others, in an act of loyalty to her friend Stella if nothing else. However, this great turnaround for her character was cut short by her untimely and unremarkable death at the hands of Sebastian.

But is she truly dead, or is there more to this seemingly closed chapter?

Beatrix’s death and the seeming finality of it

By all accounts and angles, Beatrix is dead. In her noble efforts to cease the transference of the ‘Flame Dragon’ powers, she exacts an annoying, if not fatal or tide-shifting, blow to Sebastian’s plans. However, in doing so, she also invokes his wrath, as he flings her across the hall with his magic.

Beatrix, unable to counter or brace for the attack, receives all the inertial impact of the collision to the wall and falls to the floor with a chilling thud. It’s immediately clear with the blood gushing out of her head, that Beatrix is truly dead and beyond saving.

In her redemptive and noble efforts, Beatrix provides Bloom, Stella, and others an intense boost for revenge, which they ultimately unleash upon Sebastian and kill him.

It’s a somber affair for many, following the death of Beatrix. Stella, however, is perhaps the most hurt by her passing, as she was the closest to her in her final days. It was also their blooming friendship that redeemed and developed Beatrix’s character beyond the mostly one-dimensionally antagonistic one in the first season.

A death made more tragic by a hopeful discovery

After Beatrix threw a bunch of exposition regarding Sebastian’s plans along Stella’s way, she told her about the reason why she colluded with him in the first place. It was because Sebastian had promised her, like he promised Bloom, that he’d tell her about her past and why she was at Aster Dell.

In exchange, this deal would require Beatrix to help Sebastian by leaking crucial information about Alfea’s plans and movements. Sebastian kept his part of the deal and revealed to Beatrix that she has two sisters, the name of whom he didn’t know, nor about anything else related to her origins at Aster Dell.

She has always been alone, albeit under the guardianship of Andreas. However, after his death, Beatrix was truly all alone, with a blooming friendship with Stella not being sufficient until then. And so she struck a deal and knew that she has people she can call her own.

Unfortunately, before she could ever reunite with her two sisters, she dies.

A fate so fickle and closure so inconclusive

Fate: The Winx Saga, like many other works of fiction, does not follow the usual trappings of mortality found in real life. Characters die in them and spring back alive if so the author pleases, and in contemporary times, even the readers/viewers can influence such decisions.

With that in mind, one must not treat Beatrix’s death as an etched-in-stone development of the story. Especially when her final moments and death are surrounded by such mysterious and dramatic revelations.

That’s where the trademark uncertainty principle that many fictional works of today abide by, enters the picture. No one is ever truly gone in fantasy shows today. As is probably the case with Beatrix’s death as well. The biggest piece of development contributing to this probability is the arrival of Shadow – the diabolical entity from the Realm of Darkness.

As Stella pays her respect to Beatrix’s grave and leaves, the frightening entity materializes in the Otherworld, right at the back of Stella in the graveyard. This twist opens many doors leading to many new developments that might transpire in the next season.

One such consequence of Shadow’s arrival might be Beatrix’s resurrection from the dead, as that is a power Shadow wields, which is also what the entirety of Sebastian’s mission was for (to bring his people of Aster Dell back from the dead).

It is very plausible that Shadow might resurrect some formidable dead ones in the Otherworld and wreak world-ending chaos on the realm through them. One of these resurrected people may as well be Beatrix. However, what consequences she might have to face for the likely resurrection is difficult to expound on right now.

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