George’s death in Bad Sisters explained

Bad Sisters finally sheds some light on the circumstances surrounding George’s death, whose body was found by Becka in JP and Minna’s basement. The eighth episode of Bad Sisters is now streaming on Apple TV+.

The first initial thought around George’s death had to be that JP killed his own father for monetary benefits. Still, the sisters found themselves arguing that JP is many things, but not a killer.

The sisters even planned to frame him, but that would only mean that Grace would side with her husband and wait for his release if George’s death is an accident.

Though the sisters decided to back out of this plan, the mystery surrounding George’s death still remained a secret for them, whereas the show went back in time to visit the final moments of George.

George’s final moments before his death

A few years back, George was working on a polar bear in his basement, which he converted into a taxidermy studio. JP visited him, hoping to borrow some money from his father.

In order to do so, he tried to butter him, but George saw through that behavior. JP had his own reasons to ask for that money, as he had spent a lot on his daughter’s school.

George's death in Bad Sisters explained 1
JP visits his father asking for money

George questioned him about the last time he visited his mother. The fact that JP came to ask for money, but never came to see her mother left George disappointed.

He despised his son for not paying attention to his mother, who has been suffering from Alzheimer’s. Though JP claimed that he would look after his mother, his father laughed out at that notion.

As a kid, JP’s mother used to dress JP up in his sister’s clothes, and George asked if that is the reason he doesn’t like to meet her.

That triggered JP, who directly came to the point and asked whether he is going to give him money or not, to which George answered with a simple no.

George chokes to death

On his way out, a bat’s body hits JP’s head. George, holding an animal’s eye between his teeth, laughs and accidentally ends up swallowing it.

JP returns to help his father, who had started choking. As JP held him, he had second thoughts and decided to let his father die that way.

Nobody ever found out what happened to George, as JP picked up his body and kept it in a freezer. Everyone thought George had walked out on his family.

George's death in Bad Sisters explained 2
JP lets his father die

Minna, because of her Alzheimer’s, believed one day her husband will come back, and she kept on waiting.

According to Bibi, the reason JP kept this body a secret is because George’s fortune goes to Minna. As long as everyone thinks George is alive, JP can spend George’s money the way he likes.

The sisters at this point suspect JP is behind his father’s death, but haven’t alerted the cops yet, as it will ruin their chances of finishing him off and throwing him out of Grace’s life.

Nevertheless, they now have an upper hand on JP by having a secret of his own in their pocket.

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