General Titus: Rebel Moon character explained

In Rebel Moon, General Titus is Kora’s first choice for her team of rebels. Djimon Hounsou plays Titus.

When Kora resolves to fight for the people of Veldt, General Titus is one of the people she wants to recruit. She believes he will be a capable leader who will guide her and her warriors to victory.

General Titus used to command the Eastern ranks for the Old King. He was once the hero of the realm until he turned his own forces against those of the Motherworld during the Battle of Sarawu.

In Part One, Kora finds Titus in the coliseum at Pollux. At the Coliseum, Titus is drinking and looking forward to dying in peace. The last hunter who came looking for him ended up with his head on a pike.

Kora is able to convince Titus to join them by telling him that this is his chance to exact revenge on the Motherworld, who killed his soldiers after his surrender.

Titus’ past

At Sarawu, Regent Balisarius had sent Titus and his forces as a show to hover above the parliament of Sarawu so that the people of Sarawu would not vote for independence from the Realm.

The brave people of Sarawu chose freedom instead. Titus was ordered to open fire on the capitol. When Titus refused, his ship was shot down.

Coming out of the wreckage of his ship, Titus and his soldiers fought the Motherworld until their guns were dry.

Titus knew his soldiers would fight with him until their deaths. To save his men, Titus attempted to strike a deal with the Motherworld. For his surrender, he asked for his men’s lives.

General Titus: Rebel Moon character explained 1
Titus’ soldiers are killed in front of him

Mercy is something Regent Balisarius doesn’t know. Hence, to punish Titus, he ordered the execution of Titus’ soldiers in front of Titus’ eyes.

Titus feels guilty because the decision to defy Balisarius was his alone. He likes to think his surrender cost his men their lives.

Titus’ fate in the battle against Noble

General Titus is part of Kora’s team of rebels when they defeat Noble for the first time.

Upon returning to Veldt and learning that Noble is not dead and is coming for them in five days, Titus fuels the villagers and encourages them to join them in this battle against the Motherworld.

Titus devises a plan to use the grain as a battering tool and a shield against the Motherworld. Titus quits drinking and trains the people of Veldt along with other rebels.

In the end, the rebels are victorious. It’s Titus who shares with a guilty Kora that she is not the murderer of Princess Issa because Issa is alive.

Titus not only reminds Kora that she has a new purpose in life: to search for Princess Issa, but he also joins her in this quest.

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