General Malice: Human Resources season 2 character explained

General Malice is a lizard and the head of the Hate Department in Human Resources season 2. The character is voiced by

After Rochelle turns into a hate worm and starts having hate sex with Pete, he tells her that he loves her and asks her to go back to being a love bug. His pleas are interrupted by General Malice, who tells Rochelle that she wants to talk to her.

Walter explains to Pete that General Malice is the head of the Hate Department and she’s the reason monkeys started throwing shit at each other. The General calls Rochelle into a room and tells her that she’s got a great deal of hate within her so she would be perfect for their department.

Following this offer, Rochelle contemplates whether she belongs with the Hate Department or must go back to being a lovebug. After going through either scenario, she ultimately chooses to be a hate worm much to General Malice’s pleasure.

The “Hans Gruber” of the story

When Rochelle talks about how she was kicked out of the Anal Day party, she says that the Hate Department should be the ones running things. General Malice considers it a truly good idea and while Rochelle is out on a job, she rallies her troops for a takeover.

They storm the upper floors of the office and take everyone hostage as the remaining creatures travel to Earth to spread hate. She pushes Rochelle to kill Hope but Rochelle doesn’t go through with it and turns back into a lovebug eventually.

The General orders Anthony Pinata to kill Dante after he snitches on his friends. Later when Maury and the others try to escape and get caught, she gives Montel a gun and orders him to kill one out of Maury, Connie, or Lionel.

After Anthony Pinata is killed, General Malice decides to finish things off once and for all so she takes Pete hostage and calls Rochelle and Hope to the roof.

General Malice: Human Resources season 2 character explained 1
The General uses Pete to get to Rochelle

When they reach there, the lizard has them surrounded but Rochelle throws down a bomb and Pete and the General are knocked over the roof. General Malice hangs on so Rochelle removes Pete’s pants and the head of the Hate Department falls to her death.

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