Furies ending explained: Does Bi survive the gang war?

A prequel to Furie, the 2019 Vietnamese martial arts film, Furies follows the turbulent and dark life of Bi, who escapes her hometown after her mom’s death and is taken in by a mysterious woman. As she learns to fight and starts hunting down abusive gang lords, a devastating secret comes to light. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Furies begins by introducing Bi, a young girl who is raped by a drunk man. As her mother tries to fend off the perpetrator, he kills her. In return, Bi mercilessly stabs him to death. Traumatized, alone, and covered in blood, she catches a bus to Saigon.

There, she lives on the streets and steals to survive. A short time skip reveals her as a grown-up young woman who often gets into trouble with local thugs. One night, as she is about to be molested by a group of men, she is saved by a mysterious woman called Aunt Lin AKA Jacqueline.

She takes Bi in and introduces her to two of her other protegee, Hong and Thanh. Those two also have a history of being sexually assaulted by men and seek justice. Lin trains them in martial arts and puts their focus on a prominent sex and drug-trafficking gang functioning across the city.

It is controlled by Hai chó điên and his group of crazy accomplices. However, his team also includes a man named Long who is Hong’s boyfriend and working undercover for Lin.

Bi’s trauma doesn’t allow her to open up with her new comrades, but she trains diligently, and Lin soon assigns them their first mission. They are tasked with infiltrating a factory controlled by Hai’s group, which is holding kidnapped girls waiting to be sold. The trio goes in with fierceness and manages to free the innocent girls. Bi kills one of Hai’s closest men, and they burn the establishment to the ground.

Bi is shaken as she sees her hands full of blood again. Her PTSD kicks in, and she loses control for a while. She eventually opens up to Thanh that it is scary how much killing satisfies her.

The gang continues to take down these toxic and sexually abusive men under Lin’s guidance as Hai grows suspicious. Long warns them about this, but their onslaught continues. The girls start seeing each other as a family with their mentor at the helm.

Furies ending explained in detail:

Does Hong die?

Eventually, Lin sets her sights on Hai and sends the girls to his club to honey-trap and murder him. Bi and Hong lead the dangerous gang leader to a private suite but fail to kill him.

As he escapes, Hai orders his lackeys to attack. The girls are forced to lock horns with a huge wave of men, and Hong is killed. Unfortunately, Long witnesses her being stabbed, but hides his emotions to protect his cover.

Bi and Thanh escape on their motorcycle and fend off more attackers. They head home, and Bi confronts Lin. She accuses her of using them to kill Hai because of a personal agenda.

The mentor sticks to her story that Hai must be killed for the well-being of those women who are constantly abused and raped by his gang. However, she also reveals that the drug lord killed her husband and son.

What is Lin’s story?

Their mission continues, but this time, Lin joins Bi and Thanh in the field. They plan to slaughter Hai and his gang inside his casino.

As all hell breaks loose inside the casino, Lin vanishes from the action. Hai sees her get stabbed on a CCTV camera and is satisfied. Thanh is severely injured, but she pushes on with Bi to kill Hai.

In a shocking turn of events, when the two get to him, they see Lin perfectly fine, with Long right next to her and Hai shot in the leg. She reveals that Long faked her stabbing on the CCTV and she’s waited five years to avenge her husband’s death.

The twists don’t stop there as she shoots Long for not stopping Hai from killing her husband. It turns out that Hai killed her husband for money and territory, but the murder of her child was too much for her to forgive.

She unleashes a barrage of fists to his face, claims that the territory is now hers, and shoots him in the head.

Who does Bi turn into?

Shocked, Bi and Thanh turn to leave, but Lin stops them. She threatens them with the fact that she has all the power now. She orders Thanh to kill Bi and come home with her.

Thanh pretends to agree but tries to shoot Lin instead. However, she is not quick enough, and Lin kills her. Enraged, Bi fights her and is fatally wounded.

However, she manages to shoot Lin multiple times. As Bi collapses, a dying Lin claims there is no turning back for her now. The police arrive in the morning and find that Bi is breathing.

She is sent to the hospital and put behind bars for 15 years. In the final scene, we see Bi (now calling herself Pham Thi Chau Thahn after her dead friend) released from prison.

As she turns to leave, it is revealed that she is Thanh Sói, the child trafficking antagonist from the 2019 film. The film emphasizes that her dark past eventually made her the kind of person she stood against.

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