Freestyle (2023) summary and ending explained

Freestyle is a Polish crime-thriller film that follows Diego, a rapper who resorts to smuggling drugs for money. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Diego is a rapper but his studio time is hampered when he is asked to pay an extra 20% because his friend, Flour, stole a microphone.

To get money, their contact, Tuman, points them to Slovaks. Their head knows about Diego’s past in drug dealing, and asks him to get him cocaine.

In need of money, Diego goes back to the world of drugs that he had left. He contacts the two brothers who run the operation to supply him cocaine.

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He takes it back to the Slovak. However, he quickly realises something is wrong. Diego is revealed to be bugged and the police raid the place.

Diego escapes, but Flour is captured. The brothers give him 12 hours to get their cocaine back, and even stab his hand to make sure he understands the gravity. They put Baton, one of their men, to keep an eye on him as well.

When he fails to get cocaine, the brothers offer him another way out. He has to break into a house and empty the contents of a safe.

Diego does exactly that. It’s the house of a wealthy old man named Zibi. While emptying the money from his safe, Zibi pulls out a gun on Diego, forcing him to flee.

Diego’s lover, Miki, tells him that has been bugged. He finds a bug on himself as well. He gets another stash of cocaine and plans to sell it.

But it has been replaced with flour. Someone has betrayed him again.

Freestyle ending explained in detail:

Did Baton sell Diego out?

Kimi and Diego manage to injure him and capture him. They are convinced that he was the one who sold them out to the Slovaks and replaced the cocaine.

But he claims that the bug does not even work outside the city. They are still clueless about the real culprit.

Who is Diego’s father?

Diego goes to his friend’s house to ask for money. Zibi shows up and it’s revealed that he is Deigo’s father. Zibi is also a feared gangster.

It is also disclosed that Flour had been asking Zibi for money. He only agreed because he knew Flour would bring him down to his own level.

This would ultimately result in Diego accepting his blood and joining his father. Eventually, Diego finds Flour. It turns out that he was the one who tried to sell him out to pay his own debts. He is also gambling to get more and more.

Does Diego survive?

Diego is furious at Flour. He takes his money and tries to escape, but his car is rammed by the Slovak, who has returned for payback.

He captures both him and Kimi. He is about to kill Diego, but Flour shows up and saves him. He kills the Slovak and his men.

Diego gets a call from one of the brothers. Zibi tried to burn them down, and one of the brothers had died. The other vows to get revenge against Diego as he believes he went crying to him.

In the end, Flour has redeemed himself and the three are left with the money that the Slovak stole.

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