Filippo: A Perfect Story character explained

In A Perfect Story, Margot attempts to win Filippo’s love back after running away from their wedding. Mario Ermito plays Filippo.

While describing Filippo, Margot calls him someone who gives her lots of affection, is sexy, and is a perfectionist. She admits that, because of these qualities of his, she always tried to get better.

When David is helping Margot win Filippo back, he explains to her that Filippo needs someone who is sure of herself, and Margot struggles to mold herself into that kind of person.

Margot disappoints Filippo

Initially, Filippo comes across as a very understanding boyfriend to Margot. This way, she wouldn’t have had to struggle to be someone else. He sees when Margot is overwhelmed by others and comes to her rescue.

However, during the wedding, when Margot feels pressured and almost suffers from a panic attack, she calls for Filippo, and this time, Filippo is more worried about the guests that have come to their wedding.

Filippo: A Perfect Story character explained 1
Filippo fails to comfort Margot

A concerned and unsure Margot decides to run away from the wedding. She expected her mother to be embarrassed by this, but it turns out that even Filippo was equally embarrassed.

A disappointed Filippo leaves for a trip to Italy. Margot is then left all alone to think about this relationship. While he is away, Margot stalks him on social media and grows insecure as the days go by. Filippo posts pictures that suggest he has probably started seeing someone else now.

Why does Margot forget Filippo?

Margot and David make a deal to help each other win the love of their exes back. David tells her that she should learn to feel good about herself and not rely on other people’s opinions.

The more time she spends with David, the more she realizes that she is not comfortable with Filippo the way she is with David. This becomes more true when Margot finally starts receiving replies from David.

At first, she gets excited that he is finally texting her. However, David points out the tone Filippo is using; it’s very patronizing. Eventually, Margot and David acknowledge that there is something between them.

The two have an affair during their time in Greece. The plan was to end it with the trip. Their feelings for each other kept them together, and in the end, Margot chooses David over getting back together with Filippo.

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