Idoia: A Perfect Story character explained

In A Perfect Story, Idoia is David’s girlfriend who plans to leave him. David goes above and beyond to win her back. Lydia Pavón plays Idoia.

Idoia and David share an unhealthy relationship in which David suffers for the most part. More than often, she is disappointed by David’s lifestyle, and it’s David who has to make efforts to please her.

David’s best friends, Iván and Domi, keep reminding him that this isn’t a healthy relationship, but David continues to defend Idoia. At every command of hers, he tries to change himself for her.

Idoia’s reasons for the breakup

Idoia eventually lets David know that she is going to break up with him. She confesses that she can’t be with someone who is happy living like a kid.

According to Idoia, he constantly needs reassurance and is emotionally dependent. He says that he has freedom but is living a mediocre life. She calls out his three different jobs and thinks he has no ambition.

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Idoia: A Perfect Story character explained 1
Idoia criticizes David’s life

David immediately leaves Idoia behind, but Idoia has the ability to control him. She stops him and tells him that they deserve a better goodbye. David left because he was about to beg her not to leave him. He could have left with dignity, but Idoia stopped him.

What happens to Idoia?

With the help of Margot, David is able to make Idoia jealous. She attempts to reconnect with David. The fact that she is coming back makes David think that she definitely loves him. It’s Margot who points out that this is more about her ego.

Margot lets David know that Idoia probably never cared about him. Also, the problem is David. Idoia gives him little attention, and he loses his mind. When he looks at himself through Idoia’s eyes, he doesn’t like the view.

Furthermore, he only states that one shouldn’t rely on someone else’s opinion. At the end of A Perfect Story, David and Margot officially start dating. David meets Idoia and ends things with her after telling her that their relationship was toxic.

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