Fernan: Sky High: The Series character explained

Fernan is sent to spy on Rogelio and Sole by Duque. Initially, Fernan does his best to help Duque but fails to betray Sole when the time comes. In Sky High: The Series, Álvaro Rico plays the role of Fernan.

Duque, a police officer, is certain that they will soon be able to apprehend Rogelio, a trafficker of stolen goods who is at the top of his game, and his daughter, Sole.

Duque is so certain that they will finally get evidence against them because he has sent someone to infiltrate Rogelio’s circle. The man sent by him calls himself Fernan.

Fernan befriends Angel’s gang, and this gives him an opportunity to get close to Sole. He joins the gang in stealing hams, which gets them arrested, but Sole posts their bail, including Fernan’s, even though she does not know him.

Fernan’s assignment

Fernan’s job is to gather evidence against Rogelio and Sole, but Duque warns him that he does not have a safety net. If Fernan fails, he will go to jail because no one will come to save him. Fernan does not exist officially.

Fernan gets the chance to meet Sole to thank her for posting his bail. He introduces himself as a friend of her late husband. He helps her out, along with the rest of Ángel’s gang, in carrying out a few jobs.

He tries to meet her father through her and gain his trust. When he asks her to introduce him to Rogelio for a job, she decides to lend her support to Fernan and the gang without telling her father.

Fernan does not get the opportunity to meet Rogelio, but he succeeds in winning Sole’s trust. Sole seeks him out when she needs to deal with the Chinese, and Fernan follows her orders without asking questions.

Sole and Fernan’s relationship

After working together and successfully carrying out jobs, Fernan and Sole start sleeping together. Sole then decides to take the gang to Paris, where she wants them to steal a Chinese vase from a museum to appease the Chinese.

However, the gang does not think it is possible to steal it without getting caught. Fernan agrees with them, disappointing Sole. Furthermore, he gets upset that she did not tell him about the job before coming to Paris, which makes her think that he does not want to take orders from a woman.

This causes problems between them, and Sole stops sharing her secrets with him. After breaking into Mercedes’ house as per Sole’s orders, two of the gang members get shot, and one of them is Fernan. Fortunately, Rosa manages to help him escape.

Fernan does not trust the doctor that Sole arranges to take care of the wound, as he leaves the bullet inside Fernan’s body. Sole assures him that her doctor is a good doctor and looks after an injured Fernan.

Sole then goes to Paris with Poil to steal the vase, and Fernan’s wound gets infected in her absence. It is Rogelio who brings his doctor and saves his life. Rogelio, who knows that there is an informant among them, hacks Fernan’s phone.

Fernan was prepared for this possibility; he keeps his secret contacts in a hidden app on his phone. He then takes the opportunity to win Rogelio’s trust and assures him that he is ready to return the favor whenever Rogelio needs him.

Sky High The Series Fernan
Fernan wins Rogelio’s trust

This infuriates Sole. She warns Fernan to be careful around her father and not get too friendly with him. Fernan, who is annoyed that she went to Paris with Poli without telling him, dismisses her.

When Fernan puts his life in danger with Poli to carry out a small job, a worried and angry Sole confronts him about it.

Once they resolve their conflict, Sole asks him out, and Fernan confesses that he wants to be with her through thick and thin. He admits that this is indeed a proposal, and Sole accepts it.

How does Sole find out Fernan’s truth?

Duque wants Fernan to drop the mission because Rogelio has started taking an interest in him. Fernan does not want to walk away empty-handed, so he decides to see this through.

Rogelio finds the hidden app and gets suspicious of Fernan. He tells Sole that he does not think that Fernan has been truthful to them, but Sole does not pay heed to his warnings because she trusts Fernan.

Sole takes Fernan to Lagos with her and Mercedes but does not tell him that she is aware of the police’s plan to catch her and that she is going to get rid of Mercedes there.

Mateo also comes to Lagos and tells Sole that the Fernan who was Ángel’s friend is still in prison; this Fernan is an imposter. Sole is shocked, but she believes Mateo and makes a deal with him.

Is Fernan dead or alive?

Meanwhile, Fernan is also struggling with the fact that Sole will get arrested the next day. Fernan packs their bags, as he now wishes to leave Lagos with Sole before the police catch her.

When Sole returns to their hotel room, he confronts her about keeping important information from him once again. After hesitating a little, he also confesses that the police are going to arrest her tomorrow.

Fernan is now worried about her and apologizes to her for betraying her. Sole is not just angry, she is also heartbroken. She points a gun at Fernan but cannot get herself to kill him.

She leaves him, but not without a final warning that she has arranged his death with Mateo; the Colombians are going to kill him once she steps out of the room. Fernan manages to flee before the Colombians come to the room, but he eventually gets caught.

Sky High The Series Fernan
Sole saves Fernan’s life

They outnumber him and almost end up killing him, but Sole comes to his rescue at the last minute. She then decides to save both him and Mercedes; she flies them out of Lagos with her.

Now that Fernan has turned his back on Duque, he has no choice but to stay with Sole. Fernan’s true identity still remains a mystery. Additionally, it is not shown whether Sole has forgiven Fernan or not, but it is clear that she does want to kill him to punish him.

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