Estrella’s death in Sky High: The Series explained

The mystery related to Estrella’s death gets solved in the sequel, Sky High: The Series. Her death towards the end of Sky High left several questions unanswered. Estrella was played by Carolina Yuste.

In Sky High: The Series, it is revealed that after Estrella’s death, Ángel, her lover, also killed himself, leaving behind his wife Sole to take care of their son all by herself.

Sole is still not over it and wishes to know who was responsible for Estrella and, in extension, Ángel’s death. There is also Rosa, Estrella’s cousin, who wants to find her cousin’s killer. The two women then start working together to find the killer.

Who killed Estrella?

When Sole insists on working with Mercedes despite her father’s warnings, Rogelio plays her the recording of Mercedes discussing Angel’s plan to rob the Chinese on the phone, even though she knew that the police were tapping her phone.

Rogelio believes that she deliberately trapped Ángel; it was Mercedes’s way of getting back at Ángel for using her.

Due to the call, the police were able to arrest Ángel and his gang, including Sole, at Hotel Miguel Ángel. Sole called Estrella from the police station and asked her to take the money from the hotel and run away with Ángel.

However, Estrella was shot to death in her car by a police officer who had a distinct scar on his face and who was working for Rogelio. In the show, the police officer is revealed to be Ferrán, and he is not just any officer; he is the chief of police.

Ferrán still works for Rogelio, and in the show, he even works with Sole, who is not aware that he is the one who is responsible for her husband’s death.

How does Rosa find Estrella’s killer?

Rosa, who has all of Estrella’s belongings, keeps trying to guess her phone’s password but fails. When she sees Chico at Sole’s house and finds a picture of Estrella and Chico, she enters his name as a password and gets access to Estrella’s phone.

Sky High The Series
Rosa finds Estrella’s last video

She finds a video, which is the last video that Estrella made before she died. In the video, Ferrán is clearly seen shooting Estrella. She sends the video to Sole, but she cannot wait any longer and decides to take the video to the police.

At the police station, she realizes that the man in the video is the chief of police, Ferrán. Sole also finds out that Ferrán killed Estrella from the video and asks Rosa to not do anything. A scared Rosa runs away from the police station without meeting Ferrán.

Why did Ferrán kill Estrella?

Sole confronts Rogelio about Estrella’s death, but he feigns ignorance, even when she tells him that she saw a video of the act. Rogelio then meets Ferrán and questions him about the video, but Ferrán is unaware that a video of it exists.

It turns out that Rogelio told Ferrán about the money and sent him there but killing Estrella was Ferrán’s decision; Rogelio never asked him to kill her. Now that Sole knows, Rogelio warns Ferrán that she will start asking questions when she returns.

Due to this, Ferrán wants Sole to think that Rogelio was also involved in Estrella’s murder because if she thinks that her father had a part it in, she would not drag Ferrán down to protect her father.

Sole never gets the chance to do anything to Ferrán because when Ferrán tries to kill Rosa, Rogelio intervenes. The scruffle ends with Rosa shooting Ferrán to death, the way he had shot her cousin.

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