Fauda season 4 ending explained: Does Doron ruin Hezbollah’s plan?

In season 4 of Fauda, Doron and his team are faced with a new threat from Hezbollah as they fight on two fronts. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Doron is living on a farm in the middle of nowhere while his former team foils a robbery in Jenin that leads them to a suspected terror cell operating in the area.

Doron is brought back into the fold when Gabi asks him to come along on a trip to Brussels as his bodyguard. Gabi is meeting Omar, his undercover contact within Hezbollah.

However, Gabi is betrayed by Omar and kidnapped by Hezbollah. Doron coordinates with Belgian authorities to get more information about where Gabi might be.

Back in Jenin, Dana is overseeing the investigation into the local terror cell, and they learn that the leader of the cell is Adel Tawalbe, Omar’s cousin.

Omar’s sister Maya is an officer in the Israeli police force in Tel Aviv but after Gabi’s kidnapping, her life is turned upside down and she is suspended due to security issues.

Eli, Sagi, Steve, and Nurit head to Belgium and meet up with Doron so that they can rescue Gabi. They find his potential location but despite storming the building, they are too late and Omar escapes with Gabi after Gabi is fatally wounded by a gunshot.

The team returns to Israel and Raphael tells them that Gabi is most likely dead and they need to accept it. Omar heads back to Lebanon with Gabi’s body and meets Haj Ali, the leader of Hezbollah in the region.

Nurit is pregnant but she doesn’t tell anyone else about it. She’s shot in the leg during the Belgian raid and is out of action for a while.

They provide Adel with the information they extracted from Gabi and Adel orchestrates attacks on members of the Shin Bet at their own homes. Two members are killed while Dana and Doron survive attacks on them.

Raphael has an ambitious plan for Doron involving Maya so that they can capture Omar in Lebanon. Dana brings in Shani Russo to join Eli’s team and they’re tasked with observing Adel’s house.

The Mossad tricks Maya into believing that Omar is contacting her and they ask her to hand over a pair of fake passports for him and his wife to his friend. The friend turns out to be Doron who through a series of events, sneaks into Lebanon with Maya.

Eli’s team is sent to a garage in Jenin where they get into a firefight with Adel and his men. Adel escapes but the Shin Bet finds some of the missiles they had in their possession.

Doron and Maya eventually make it to Omar’s wife and use her to lure Omar to them. That’s when Doron reveals who he is and is about to kill Omar when he is stopped by the revelation that Gabi is still alive.

Raphael tells Doron to get ready for extraction but Doron is convinced that Omar is telling the truth and gets the evidence to prove that he is. Eli and his team are sent to Lebanon for extraction as Haj Ali transports Gabi.

The team successfully rescues Gabi but as they’re headed to the rescue helicopter, Gabi sees Omar and kills him after grabbing a gun from Doron.

Doron has developed a soft spot for Maya but she feels betrayed by him and doesn’t want anything to do with him. Gabi has intense PTSD and doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

Adel decides to retaliate and fires some of the guided missiles he still has at various landmarks. Gabi meets Dana and tells her that they should release Omar’s body to his family and use the funeral to draw out Adel.

Fauda season 4 ending explained in detail:

What does Doron think of the plan?

Maya is contacted by the government and informed about their decision to release Omar’s body. She goes along with her mother to collect it and takes it back to Jenin for the funeral.

Dana briefs everyone about their plan but Doron isn’t too happy because it puts Maya in more trouble. Dana tells him that it was Gabi’s idea in the first place so he should talk to him.

Doron goes home and confronts Gabi about his plan. Gabi says that he gave up all the information he had so Adel cannot be left alone to gain power.

What happens at the funeral?

The team dresses up as members of Hamas and goes into the hospital where Omar is kept. They take his body and tell Maya and the others to follow them as they lead the funeral procession.

Adel finds out about the Hamas soldiers and rushes to intercept them. Maya pleads with the soldiers to let them be but Doron pulls her aside and tells her to get to safety or else they might get hurt.

Just as Adel arrives and is about to engage them, Maya loudly exclaims that they’re special forces and not Hamas. Adel rushes back to his base with the authorities in pursuit.

Does the team capture Adel?

Eli’s team heads toward the firefight to support the overwhelmed IDF soldiers. They get there but are cornered by Adel’s men. As they try to make it to safety, a sniper shoots Sagi.

Steve tries to drag Sagi to safety but he gets shot too. Doron and Shani head into the building to kill the sniper but only after he gets a shot out on Eli as well.

Shani is shot in the back by Adel and Doron goes after him. Adel stabs him in the gut but Doron gets the upper hand and kills Adel. He heads back to his team which is all lying on the ground fighting for their lives as a chopper descends to rescue them.

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