Eve: Happy Ending (2023) character explained

In Happy Ending, Eve is the third person Luna and Mink welcome into their relationship to spice up their intimacy. Unfortunately, the idea backfires on them. Joy Delima plays Eve.

Eve crosses paths with Luna a couple of times in the film before they finally start talking to each other. She is seen at a bar, where Luna and Mink are looking for their third partner. Luna also crosses paths with her during one of her bike rides.

Luna had formed a connection with Eve in those few seconds of glancing at each other during the bike ride. The next time Luna meets Eve, Luna is with her boyfriend, Mink. They are all on bikes again.

Eve, Luna, and Mink finally talk, and surprisingly, Eve shares the same sense of humor as them. Luna believes Eve is the third partner they need, and when she finds her on a dating app, they directly propose to her for a threesome, which Eve thinks is rare but accepts.

Eve’s life

Eve works for an environmental organization. She admits that they are fighting a losing battle, but what matters to her is that it is a battle. Eve is also good at reading people. With little information about Mink, she is able to guess what he is studying and why.

Eve claims that nothing is black and white about fighting for the environment; it’s all gray. She was completely vegan at first, but since the government won’t do anything about the environment, she got angry and started at least having eggs; they are her guilty pleasure.

Eve: Happy Ending (2023) character explained 1
Eve, Luna, and Mink get familiar with each other

Eve also shows signs of being adventurous when Mink says that they should all climb up the scaffolding in front of them and go to another planet. Though she doesn’t go to another planet, she does climb up the scaffolding.

Eve is also a painter. Her house is full of artwork painted by her. Eve said that she only does threesomes. Luna assumes that is because the world is ending, and Eve admits that’s not entirely untrue. However, Eve rarely gets along with people out of lust.

Eve and Luna’s relationship

Luna starts getting obsessed with Eve when Eve manages to do what her boyfriend isn’t able to do: satisfy her when it comes to intercourse.

Luna’s urge to meet Eve again grows, and she musters up the courage to do so behind Mink’s back. All this time, Luna does feel some amount of guilt.

Luna pursues a relationship with Eve when she and Mink almost fall apart. However, she had lied to Eve about Mink knowing about their meetings.

Once Eve finds out the truth, she lets Luna know that she is always fine with casual relationships, but she likes transparency and honesty. Hence, Eve leaves Luna on her own. Luna sees Eve once after her break-up with Mink, but she doesn’t approach her.

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