Happy Ending (2023) review: A thought-provoking rom-com

In Happy Ending, Luna convinces her boyfriend for a threesome in hopes of finding the satisfaction she is looking for—an exciting idea that might hurt their relationship. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Luna has been struggling to find satisfaction when it comes to intercourse with her boyfriend, Mink. They have slept 132 times since they started dating, and Luna has never felt good after the intercourse.

Luna never tells Mink that she isn’t satisfied. Their relationship is perfect, but intercourse continues to be a problem for Luna. Luna’s best friends keep giving her kinky gifts that might help her spice things up.

Eventually, Luna comes up with the idea of a threesome. Her friends encourage her to try it with Mink. They believe that he might start trying harder to satisfy her once he sees some competition.

Mink agrees to it; however, the experience they have after bringing a third person to their bed might end up drifting them far away from each other.


Gaite Jansen delivers a star performance as Luna. The emotional rollercoaster ride that Luna goes through can be seen in Jansen’s incredible expressions and the insecurity she shows.

A viewer can resonate with how Luna must be feeling both times: initially when she is not able to feel satisfied with her boyfriend and later when she makes a grave mistake. All thanks to Jansen’s tear-jerking performance.

A similar performance is put on by Martijn Lakemeier, who plays Mink, toward the end of the film. Lakemeier gets limited time to show his talents, but when he does, he pours his heart out to show how much Mink loves Luna.

Joy Delima, as Eve, is a free-spirited individual in the film who will attract one of the leads. Since the movie is more about Luna and her problems, Delima does a great job of being a third fiddle who enters Luna and Mink’s relationship.


Happy Ending is more of a journey that every viewer will feel once they see Luna’s struggles. The writing is impeccable, as it is able to help a viewer understand the side of each and every character.

The movie is not about which relationship is better: a monogamous or a polygamous one. It is more about the problems individuals face when they are trying to be happy with their partners sexually.

Towards the end, Happy Ending encourages conversations around such topics, how these problems can be dealt with, and how relationships can be saved.


Happy Ending is low on humor. It tries to be humorous in the beginning with some scenes, such as when Luna announces that she and Mink are looking for a partner for a threesome in a restaurant, which is something Luna only thought of. These scenes don’t crack a laugh and are formulaic.

However, that doesn’t mean the writing of Happy Ending isn’t funny at all. There is some good relatable humor during the final few minutes of the film before the climax, which could have been used more to make the film a funny watch too.


Happy Ending is an insightful and thought-provoking film that encourages conversations around the sexual part of the relationship. The movie and Gaite Jansen’s performance beautifully capture the struggles of an individual in a relationship who does not feel satisfied with their partner.

Happy Ending
Happy Ending (2023) review: A thought-provoking rom-com 1

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