Esvet: The Tailor character explained

Esvet is one of the lead protagonists in The Tailor, serving as an important character for the plot and carrying with her a lot of secrets she’s unaware of herself and which can alter the course of the story dramatically.

Whereas Peyami serves as the primary protagonist of The Tailor, his lover, muse, and flame Esvet serves as the spiritual core of the show.

Trudging through the difficult waters that is her life, Esvet has been braving all the hardships while keeping the flame of her love alive and burning.

An orphan

Later on in The Tailor, it’s shown that an infant Esvet was dropped at the doorstep of the Greek Orphanage by an old couple. All the little kid had with her was the bracelet, the last thing that she got to have from her biological mother.

The old couple, it’s revealed, was none other than Ari and Lia, Dimitri’s parents. A damning conversation they have later on in the first season reveals that they have taken over the properties and assets that belonged to Esvet’s name, likely after her parents died.

During her childhood at the orphanage, Esvet was a strong girl who knew how to stand up for herself, but her unruly attitude earned her curses and scoffs from the staff. She’d later go on to be adopted by none other than Faruk and Irini.

They’d soon let little Esvet down after arriving at home with her, showing her their mentally challenged son she’d be taking care of, against her will, giving her little options to do anything else.

Stuck with the psycho

Her adoptive parents don’t care about her all that much, and as an adult, they fix her marriage with cousin Dimitri, who turns out to be an obsessive, psychopathic abuser.

Esvet Dimitri The Tailor
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Against her will and dreams, Dimitri keeps her as a captive, and her parents don’t quite do much as they seek prosperity that this marriage would bring them.

Dimitri’s treatment of Esvet is downright inhumane. To keep her from escaping and teach her a lesson, he even keeps her locked inside a box, releasing her only when the time for her wedding dress fitting arrives.

In an impossible love story

Esvet finally manages to escape Dimitri’s captivity, arriving at his best friend Peyami’s household cosplaying as a caregiver. Peyami’s mentally challenged father is the one she has to take care of, and she takes upon the task readily.

During her tenure, she messes things up and gets fired temporarily, as she returns after managing to avoid getting recaptured by Dimitri, ready to take great measures to keep her job as a caregiver. She accepts Peyami’s grandmother’s traditional request, which is to get married to Mustafa.

During her time as the caregiver, Esvet falls in love with Peyami, and slowly but surely, Peyami also starts falling for her. However, they both know how nearly impossible their romance is, as the psychopath Dimitri catches on to the secret.

Season 1 ends with both of them confessing and confirming their love for each other, only for Peyami to get shot for it, and while his fate remains ambiguous, the future of their love story is unambiguously murky and difficult.

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