Dreamland’s magic in Disenchantment part 5 explained

In Disenchantment part 5, it is revealed that there is indeed magic in Dreamland and that it is created naturally. Dagmar intends to use Dreamland’s magic to become stronger.

In the previous parts of Disenchantment, there have been claims that Dreamland has magic. However, the people of Dreamland are not aware of its existence. In the fifth part, God himself tells Jerry about the magic that lies in Dreamland and how it is created.

How is Dreamland’s magic created?

According to God, he had nothing to do with the creation of the magic in Dreamland. It is a result of a natural scientific process and is created when elements from Heaven and Hell come together. 

In Heaven, Angels cry tears of happiness that flow into the River of Joy. The river water eventually turns into holy raindrops. When it rains on Earth, the holy raindrops become the Dreamland River.

Disenchantment 5 Dreamland's magic
The River of Joy

This river runs by the Dreamland Castle and seeps downward into Dreamland’s soil and guano deposits. The water is then heated by the unholy steam from Hell. The perfect combination of Heaven’s holy waters and Hell’s unholy steam creates magic on Earth.

Harnessing the magic

This magic is only found in Dreamland because it is the only place where holy waters from Heaven and unholy steam from Hell combine. Dagmar knows about the magic and wants to harness it, but she cannot do it without Bean’s powers.

Since Dagmar has Bad Bean, she tries to kill Bean by pushing her off the castle balcony. However, Mora saves Bean’s life. After saving her father, when Bean returns to Dreamland, she finds out that her mother is going to harness the magic.

Bean tries to stop her, and various other creatures join her in her fight against her mother. When Bean fights Bad Bean, Bad Bean leads her to the place where magic is created — it is a cavern full of colorful crystals.

There, when Bean uses her powers in the water, Dreamland’s magic gets unlocked. It then starts seeping everywhere, and the people of the kingdom start feeling its effects. Bean’s friends fear that other kingdoms might find out about this and that the magic might fall into the wrong hands.

Their fears are realized when Dagmar harnesses Dreamland’s magic. She consumes the magical water and becomes stronger than ever. Eventually, Bean and her mother’s last battle takes them to the same cavern. 

Bean stabs her mother with a crystal, and the whole place collapses. Once Dagmar is defeated, Mop Girl, the new queen of Dreamland, orders the drawbridge to be closed, and the kingdom magically disappears from sight.

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