Dr. Buket Köseoğlu: 10 Days of a Bad Man character explained

In 10 Days of a Bad Man, Dr. Buket Köseoğlu is a psychiatrist and a board member at K&S Health Group who seeks Sadık’s help in the murder case of her uncle, Haşmet Köseoğlu. Hazal Filiz Küçükköse plays Dr. Buket.

Dr. Buket is one of her family’s extraordinary women. She is notorious for her controversial health projects. Buket’s mother describes her as intelligent, determined, and gorgeous. However, she doesn’t take any credit for that because Buket is adopted.

When Buket was two days old, Haşmet Köseoğlu, the CEO of K&S Health Group, bought Buket from a woman who gave birth to twins. Buket’s real father was in prison, and her mother was desperate for money.

Hence, Buket was made to part ways with her real family. Buket doesn’t regret it, as she found Gülhan after joining the Köseoğlu family.

Maide is Buket’s patient, and she is the one who introduces Sadık to Buket when Buket confesses that she needs help in her uncle’s murder case. Sadık only agrees because he needs a doctor who can prescribe him painkiller pills.

Buket & Gülhan’s relationship

Gülhan is the daughter of Jale and Haşmet and the vice president of K&S Health Group. She is a doctor as well. As kids, Buket and Gülhan were inseparable. They have been in love with each other since they were six.

Their love for each other drives them to go above and beyond to protect each other. When they were in school, someone spread a rumor about them being lovers.

Dr. Buket Köseoğlu: 10 Days of a Bad Man character explained 1
Sadık interrogates Buket and Gülhan

The two believed it to be a girl named Şükran. In order to punish Şükran, one of them pushed her off the stairs and handicapped her for life. Şükran suspects Gülhan is the one who pushed her, but it was never proven.

Is Buket behind Haşmet’s murder?

Sadık initially suspects Buket, assuming that Haşmet saw her well-being project as an obstacle. It is later that he finds out that Gülhan is not Haşmet’s daughter, and the thought that Gülhan, her lover, can get kicked out of the family scares Buket.

Buket has the motive to kill, and Sadık believes Buket took the help of her father, Timur, who returned to blackmail Haşmet, in order to orchestrate the murder.

Gülhan defends Buket and tells Sadık the real truth. Gülhan confesses that her father had found out about her being someone else’s daughter. Haşmet abused Jale and called Gülhan a bastard.

Buket and Gülhan don’t want the wealth of K&S Health Group to go to Canberk, Gülhan’s brother, who will only spend it on himself, partying, and girls.

Sadık is ready to negotiate, and when he sees that Gülhan and Buket have a daughter of their own inside Buket’s twin sister’s womb, he agrees that the inheritance of Köseoğlus should pass to a new lineage.

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