10 Days of a Bad Man review: A disappointing sequel

In 10 Days of a Bad Man, Sadık Demir searches for a boy for Sir, only to realize someone is plotting against him. At the same time, he also picks up a murder mystery at a mansion. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


After surviving an accident, Sadık Demir, who now goes by the name Adil, is tracked down by Sir, who has a job for him. Sir wants Sadık to find a young, rich boy named Ferhat Gönen.

Sadık is ready to take the job if he is allowed to have his pills from time to time. Sir allows him to take them but only at select times. Sadık is joined by Zeynel and Hüso. He also brings Pınar on board, who knows this generation well and will be crucial in tracking Ferhat down.

While he is busy with this mission, Maide calls and requests him to pick up Dr. Buket Köseoğlu’s case as well. She is a doctor and a board member at K&S Health Group.

Dr. Buket’s uncle has been murdered, and it is suspected that the Moldovian couple that worked at their mansion is behind it. However, Buket’s mother thinks it’s someone else who is close to the family.


Nejat İşler delivers a compelling performance as Sadık Demir. He is capable of carrying the film on his own. Sadık is lost, but he doesn’t let that interfere with his job for the most part until the end.

Hazal Filiz Küçükköse plays a shady Dr. Buket, who hires Sadık for a case. Hazal Filiz Küçükköse’s portrayal of Dr. Buket doesn’t feel fresh. The character is every other character in a crime drama who is trying to hide something while befriending the investigator.

Ilayda Akdogan, Riza Kocaoglum, Kadir Çermik, and Erdal Yildiz give decent performances, as expected from them.


10 Days of a Bad Man doesn’t waste much time when it comes to getting into its plot. The story starts moving at a good pace, and what happened to Sadık Demir in the past is revealed during the movie’s run at the right time not to disrupt the flow.

The movie makes the best use of a certain storytelling format. This way, the story is never slow, and one feels like they are provided with important information all the time.


10 Days of a Bad Man suffers because both the cases featured are not interesting enough, and neither are the clues presented. A viewer is not excited to learn about the developments, and the movie even hides some of them, not allowing viewers to theorize and have fun.

Dr. Buket’s case in particular feels intentionally complex, which does nothing but give viewers a headache, whereas the second case Sadık is working on is shallow and quick to come to a conclusion.

Despite getting decent time for both cases, the story of 10 Days of a Bad Man fails to make the best of it.


10 Days of a Bad Man is hardly an exciting mystery drama. The pace and story-telling promise a thrilling ride ahead, but near the end, it becomes a disappointing watch.

10 Days of a Bad Man
10 Days of a Bad Man review: A disappointing sequel 1

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