Does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia’s latest instalment ends on a cliffhanger that sees the fan-favourite Bakugo seemingly bite the dust, but is it really the end of the line for him?

Warning: This article contains spoilers

‘My Hero Academia’ rarely has brushes with character deaths, but when it does, the departure is sure to tug at some heartstrings.

Most of the characters in the anime get to have a backstory that suffices in making their eventual passing heartbreaking.

That’s why when the anime delivers a high-stakes situation ending on a bloody and beaten-down cliffhanger for the heroes, the fans are instantly consumed by worries and fidget around online to confirm or alleviate their fears.

The latest in a series of recipients with similar character treatment that has fans worried is Katsuki Bakugo. How does Bakugo end up in such a precarious situation?

An atoning heart

After their intense battle full of resurfacing frustrations, annoyance, and a whole lot of pent-up emotions, Bakugo and Deku’s dynamic became much healthier than before.

Since then, Bakugo has become warmer to Deku, even with his growls and general contortions of the facial muscles at the subtlest of Deku’s activities.

It’s in the latest episode of the anime, however, where a better glimpse at Bakugo’s psyche is revealed. He’s been taking part in the various training regimens Deku takes upon, as well as knows a great deal about his quirk, that All Might has directly shared with him.

bakugo all might my hero academia
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The main reason Bakugo has been so involved with Deku’s progress and his role in carrying out the legacy of One For All is, as understood by All Might, the regret that Bakugo feels for his actions towards Deku in their childhood.

He used to bully Deku relentlessly, and now he wishes to atone for said actions. He admits that he used to bully him because he didn’t understand him, and now those actions serve as reasons for him to repent.

An itching hand

It’s for those repenting feelings that Bakugo is driven so much to rise up and inflict damage on the rampaging Shigaraki. That and to settle the score for the last time he was kidnapped by him and had his integrity as a Hero doubted by the villain.

Bakugo’s hands have been itching with all the explosive sweat and raging, vengeful emotions. However, a better part of the battle thus far has seen Deku jump into action and take on the villain.

This has only made Bakugo crave taking a stab at it himself more. When Deku pours all his knowledge and physical prowess into it, that oppurtunity finally arrives.

Observing masterfully and taking note of his fellow classmate’s dire situation, Bakugo concocts a plan quickly and flies up to the spot mid-air where the battle between Shigaraki and Deku is raging on.

However, when the tides seem to turn for the good, the unprecedented occurs. A turn in tides again, and Deku finds himself aerially challenged and unable to defend against a possessed Shigaraki’s fierce attack.

That’s when the second unprecedented act takes place.

A riveting stab

One For All takes over Shigaraki’s body when it’s burnt to a crisp by Endeavor’s ‘Prominence Burn’ attack. The first thing OFA does after the takeover is launched his fierce ‘Rivet Stab’ attack on Deku.

bakugo dead my hero academia
Image source: Netflix

However, the latter is entirely unable to dodge the attack, given his compromised and vulnerable position in mid-air. That’s when his atoning heart compels the hero to act involuntarily.

A self-admitting narration tells us how Bakugo’s body moves on its own as he pushes Deku out of harm’s way and takes on the rivet stabs himself. The episode cuts to the credits seconds after the shocking still frame shows Bakugo impaled by the terrifying attack.

A relenting hero

Bakugo’s fate may seem positively ambiguous at best, and hopelessly dire at worst, but fans of the character can delight in the fact (and the spoiler) that their favourite furious hero lives.

As with the veteran hero Gran Torino a couple of episodes ago, Bakugo’s episode-ending shocker of a condition is mostly just a cliffhanger. Although the precariousness of Bakugo’s condition is true, and there will be some messy little developments related to his condition.

But like the veteran mentioned above, Bakugo will continue to see the light of the day and the battles ahead, and spring up eventually with the help of other heroes, albeit with no more action from his side in the current arc.

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