Do Da-hae: The Atypical Family character explained

In The Atypical Family, Do Da-hae, played by Chun Woo-hee, enters Bok Gwi-ju’s life with the intention of conning his family for money. 

When Gwi-ju nearly drowns while trying to retrieve a child’s toy from the sea, Da-hae jumps in and saves his life. 

Later, Gwi-ju’s mother, Man-heum, meets Da-hae at the spa she frequents. Da-hae works as a masseuse there and is able to help Man-heum, who suffers from insomnia, sleep better. 

Impressed by Da-hae’s skills, Man-heum invites her to her house, unaware that this was Da-hae’s plan all along.

A woman with a tragic past

When Da-hae was in school, her father drank too much and froze to death, leaving her an orphan. She had no one to rely on and had to learn to survive on her own. 

Additionally, a loan shark named Il-hong came to her father’s funeral to demand repayment of his debts.

Soon after, Da-hae was caught in a school fire. Although she survived, she did not have the money for hospital treatment. 

It was Il-hong who came to the hospital and paid for Da-hae’s treatment, but in exchange, Da-hae had to work for her.

Since then, Da-hae has been working for Il-hong, whom she now calls her mother. Il-hong makes Da-hae marry wealthy men, scam them, and then divorce them. 

Il-hong exploits Da-hae’s tragic past to scam their targets, even though Da-hae, who is still traumatized by the fire incident, does not like it.

Da-hae does not have much say in choosing their targets, as she is still indebted to Il-hong, who decides to target the Bok family next.

She wants Da-hae to marry Gwi-ju for a 50-billion-won building owned by the Bok family, leading to Da-hae trying to please the Bok family.

The key to restoring the Bok family’s powers

Da-hae wins Man-heum’s heart by helping her sleep. While Man-heum believes that Da-hae’s massages put her to sleep naturally, the truth is that Da-hae has been drugging her. 

One day, Man-heum, who can foresee the future in her sleep, has a dream about Da-hae wearing the Bok family’s ring. 

This dream leads Man-heum to believe that Da-hae holds the key to regaining the family’s powers. There might be some truth to this belief.

After meeting Da-hae, Gwi-ju once again starts traveling back in time, but he can only revisit moments shared with Da-hae.  

In addition to that, Gwi-ju is able to touch Da-hae whenever he goes back in time, which was previously impossible.

Like Gwi-ju, Man-heum regains her powers, but she can only use them when Da-hae is involved. Due to this, Man-heum makes up her mind to get Gwi-ju married to Da-hae.

The Atypical Family Do Da-hae
Do Da-hae finds out about Gwi-ju’s powers

Just when everything is going according to Il-hong’s plan, Da-hae finds out about the Bok family’s superpowers, which terrifies her. 

She pleads with Il-hong to change their target, but Il-hong refuses. Instead, she asks Da-hae to find a way to marry Gwi-ju as soon as possible.

Marrying Gwi-ju and acquiring the building is the only way Da-hae can free herself from Il-hong and the Bok family, but for that, she must first win over Gwi-ju and his daughter In-a. 

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