Didier’s dark past in Shantaram explained

After being tortured at the hands of the cops, Didier isolated himself, as the experience reminded him of the way his father treated him. The ninth episode of Shantaram is streaming on Apple TV+.

Didier tried to romance a guy at Reynaldo’s, whose lover chased him later that night. The cops caught Didier and punished him for being homosexual.

Though Lin and Vikram came to his rescue and Didier got free, the experience stayed with him. He didn’t dare to step out of his house until Lin came looking for his passport.

Didier tells Lin about his past

When Lin arrived at Didier’s doorstep, he found him drunk and depressed. Lin decided to let him express what he wants. Didier told Lin about his father, a wonderful teacher with one exception: his own son, Didier.

Didier was an academic failure, and that offended his father to his core. When his father gave him a beating, his one hand bruised Didier’s whole body. Therefore, at 16, Didier opted to run away.

The night the cops gave Didier a beating, he was reminded of his father. The cops looked at him and saw nothing of any worth in him.

Didier's dark past in Shantaram explained 1
Didier shares his story with Lin

Didier continues to tell Lin another story. Back in Genova, when he was young, he fell for a beautiful man named Alberto.

He taught Didier everything and wrote the most beautiful letters to him. Didier felt like he was born again in his arms. Things fell apart when Alberto tried to test their love.

He allowed Didier to discover where he kept his money. Didier took that money and ran away.

Fifteen years later, Didier saw him again. Didier hurried past him simply because Alberto was old and no longer beautiful. Didier was terrified of his loneliness and weakness.

Now years later, he likes to believe that he has become Alberto. Didier felt worthless and useless.

Didier’s story encourages Lin to open up about his own. He shared his own demons and managed to convince Didier to step out and join him for a drink at Reynaldo’s.

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