Who are Ahmed and Christina in Shantaram?

The eighth episode of Shantaram sheds light on Ahmed, a name that has occasionally popped up during Lin and Karla’s visits to the Zhou’s palace, and his story with a girl named Christina.

The first time Lin heard the name Ahmed was when he wore his clothes at Karla’s place. Upon questioning whose suit this is, Lin learned that it belongs to a dead man.

Ahmed’s name was brought up again during their visit to Zhou’s palace, where Lin acted as an official from the American Embassy in order to free Lisa from the palace.

Zhou thought that Karla is taking revenge for what happened to Ahmed and Christina.

Lin always wondered who they were, and he finally got to hear the story behind these two when Karla comforted him at his home in Sagar Wada while he fought cholera.

The story of Ahmed and Christina

Lin initially questioned if Karla was in love with Ahmed. Karla clarified that they were just friends.

Ahmed had already fallen in love with Christina, one of Zhou’s girls. He had forced Zhou to let her go, but Zhou isn’t someone who would listen to demands like that right away.

Who are Ahmed and Christina in Shantaram? 1
Karla tells Lin about Ahmed and Christina

Lin assumed that Zhou might’ve sent guys after Ahmed, much like she did for him. Karla disclosed that Zhou did, but not after him, after Christina. One of these Zhou’s men threw a jar of acid on her face.

A furious Ahmed wanted revenge for that. Karla had tried to talk him down. After all, fighting Zhou comes with a big price. She believed that she had successfully stopped him, but she was wrong. A few days later, Ahmed’s body turned up.

Why Karla blames herself for Ahmed’s death?

Lin looked into Karla’s eyes and assured her that Zhou is the reason Ahmed died, not her. Karla claimed that she never trusted Christina, stating that she somewhere felt that Christina was using Ahmed.

Ahmed never listened, and when Christina got a call for work at the Zhou’s palace, she approached Karla.

Karla was the one to tell her that working at Zhou’s will be fine, only because she wanted her gone from Ahmed’s life. That’s why she likes to think that Ahmed died because of her.

When Lin tried to convince her that this isn’t her fault, she pointed out how Lin blamed himself for the death of Ravi’s mother when Sagar Wada had caught fire.

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