Did Trovere betray Harlan in See season 3?

In See season 3 episode 4, Harlan and Trovere marched their way to Trivantes to learn about the rogue Trivantian group’s situation, only for Harlan to find out that he is being played.

Wren had returned to Pennsa with credible information on the weapons Tormada is building with the help of Jerlamarel’s children. Harlen notices that coal is an important substance used in the making of these weapons.

He is the only one who smuggles coal to the Trivantes. That means, Trovere is supplying coal to this rogue faction.

Trovere confesses she would never betray Harlan. She hears what he had to say and lets him know that a portion of her shipments does go to the Military.

They come to the conclusion that there is a chance the Military is working with Tormada after what happened at Greenhill Gap.

Trovere convinces Harlan to tag along with her on a trip to Trivantes to sort out this situation and see if there really is a rogue group, if yes they will know where they stand.

Harlan and Trovere tell the Bank about the rogue faction

Trovere tells Harlan about the Bank, also known as Nevla. A politician who is also a patriot. Trovere thinks she is the one who will root out the rogue faction if it exists.

Nevla initially came in hoping Trovere bought the former queen of Pensa, but it was Harlan. He assures Nevla that he is here to help and tells her about the rogue faction that is marching toward Pennsa.

He also mentions Tormada, his advanced weapons, and how they can torment and flatten an entire building.

Did Trovere betray Harlan in See season 3? 1
Trovere and Harlan tell Nevla about the rogue faction

Nevla doesn’t believe what Harlan had to say, but Harlan makes it clear that he isn’t accusing their government. At the same time, he mentions about the Military, who also might have had a hand in this.

Nevla didn’t like the way Harlan talked about the Trivantes and decided to have a word with Trovere in private. Nevla promised to quietly investigate this matter and also told Trovere that Tormada will be addressing the Triangle the next day.

The Triangle falls down

The next day, Tormada presents himself before the Triangle and boasts about the weapons he has created. He describes the process of making them and the impact they could have on the battlefields.

Tormada calls the victory attained by these weapons fast and decisive. He further claims that he has made a total of 200 weapons like this and is in the process of building more of them.

He pitches the Triangle to act quickly and decisively when it comes to using these weapons to take out their enemies. Especially because he knows his bombs can help conquer an entire kingdom, like the Payan.

Did Trovere betray Harlan in See season 3? 2
Trovere demonstrates his power before the council

The councillor argues that these weapons don’t belong to Tormada, but to the realm.

Tormada, on the other hand, had a different school of thought. He believes these weapons only belong to him, considering the fact that he is the only one that can control them.

Nevla agreed with Tormada, as she thinks the empire is growing weaker day by day because the council seeks to appease the enemies.

Following that, Tormada demonstrates an example of his power by planting a bomb on the council to destroy them while Trovere escapes with Harlan.

Trovere urges Harlan to join her

Harlan barely survives the blast at the council. Trovere brings him to the bed and decides to confess that this was their plan all along. Tormada, Nevla, and Trovere are the new Triangle now.

Trovere told Harlan that she had no choice and that this plan has been in motion since the Greenhill Gap. They wanted to replace the Triangle as it was corrupted.

Did Trovere betray Harlan in See season 3? 3
Trovere confesses her feelings to Harlan

Harlan inquired about his role in this revolution. Trovere confessed her love for him. She didn’t want Harlan to die in Pennsa after finding out about the power Tormada has in his hands.

She claimed that Paya is finished and gave him two choices. Either he can stay with her or he can go back to Pennsa.

The episode comes to a close with Harlan leading an army of Trivantes to ambush Baba Voss’ group, who were out there rescuing Jerlamarel’s kids.

The question remains whether Harlan has really joined Trovere, despite the betrayal, or if he has a hidden motive of his own, which we will find out in the coming episodes.

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