See season 3 episode 4 recap & review: The Storm

See season 3 episode 4 sees Baba Voss attempting to rescue Jerlamarel’s children while Harlan and Trovere pay a visit to the Triangle. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


After escaping from a melee with Baba Voss and Kofun, Sibeth Kane wanders around Payan, trying to find a way out. She avoids guards and dogs, and tags on a horsecart to get out of the front gates of the city to enter the woods.

Baba Voss, Charlotte, Kofun, Haniwa, and Wren leave to find Kane or the place where Tormada is using Jerlamerel’s children to make bombs.

Kofun confesses to Baba Voss that he did a mistake by freeing Sibeth, but the latter takes it upon himself. Voss believes what Kofun did is what a father would do.

The group arrives where Bow Lion died. They notice how Tormada’s bomb almost tore the earth apart. Voss tries to recruit Lu and Ranger, who initially reject his offer, but eventually join him on this quest.

Meanwhile, Harlan accompanies Trovere to meet the Triangle. The former enters the Trivantian city with the help of his friends as they bring him inside a cage around chickens.

They soon talk to Nevla about the Tormada situation and she is not convinced about the rogue faction or the fact that Military has some hand in it. Nevertheless, she plans to quietly investigate as Tormada will be addressing Triangle the next day.

In the meantime, Harlan and Trovere would have to keep quiet as the city won’t be happy with Trovere returning without Sibeth.

During their time in the city, Trovere tries to convince Harlan to stay with them as Trivante has a lot more to offer than Pennsa.

The next day, Tormada appears in front of the Triangle. He brags about his bombs and the council argues whether these bombs belong to him or the realm.

Tormada declares that he made them and he has the power, to which Nevla agrees. He plants a bomb in front of the council and kills half of them while Trovere helps Harlan to escape.

Trovere later confesses to Harlan that this was their plan all along. They believed the Triangle was corrupted and needed to be replaced.

Trovere expresses her feelings for Harlan and asks her not to die for Pennsa as it will be finished with the help of Tormada’s weapons. She asks him to choose between her and Pennsa.

Baba Voss tells Kofun about Ranger’s story, who was experimented on by Tormada. That’s why Ranger has scars on his face. After hearing the story, Kofun thinks Tormada is someone worth killing.

The next day, Voss’ group broke into Jerlamarel’s and rescued his children. What the group didn’t expect is Harlan bringing in Trivantians to ambush the place.

Meanwhile, Maghra starts preparing for the oncoming war. She wants Tamacti Jun to convince the Witchfinders as well. Will the Witchfinders join is a big question since Maghra killed three of them in the last episode.

Before Tamacti Jun can meet them, Sibeth Kane who survived in the woods eating worms, and snakes, and lived among wolves finds her way to the Witchfinders first.


  • The fourth episode of See season 3 kinda works like a build-up to the chaos we will be witnessing in the coming episodes.
  • The episode has perfectly placed every pivotal character in a difficult situation. Let it be Voss’ group surrounded by Trivantians, Harlan under Trovere’s commands, or Sibeth using Witchfinders to go up against Maghra.
  • The twist around Trovere could have been way better. It wasn’t good for her to just betray like that after winning Harlan’s trust with those strong words in the previous episode. It kind off fizzled out her traits and she suddenly became boring.
  • Lastly, it’s good to see Kofun following the footsteps of his father as he learns more about his father’s past in this episode.
See season 3 episode 4
See season 3 episode 4 recap & review: The Storm 1

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