Diary of a Gigolo ending explained: Who killed Ana?

Diary of a Gigolo is a crime drama about the life of a gigolo whose life turns around when he falls in love with a girl. The story revolves around the dead body found at his house.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Emanuel Morillo is taken by the police for the investigation of a murder that happened at his house. He is interrogated about his life as a gigolo and his connection with the victim. He tells the detectives about his life at an orphanage with his brother and how he became a gigolo at Minou’s gallery. 

The narrative of the show jumps between the interrogation and flashbacks of the characters.

Emanuel recalls his regular client, Ana Bolonte, asking him to seduce her daughter, Julia as it would help her move on from the trauma of her father’s death and revive the mother-daughter relationship. 

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Emanuel is reluctant to take the unethical offer but is forced into it once he sees Minou’s gambling debt. He joins Julia’s art school and tries to build a connection. Meanwhile, there’s a protest at the Bolonte Lab about the life-threatening side effects of one of their drugs. 

Through his secret deal with Ana, Emanuel provides the money Minou needs for her debt. She returns the money but is forced to play once again by Romane. 

Emanuel takes Julia and her friend, Lino to a collector’s event where he finally forms a connection with her. 

Emanuel constantly looks for his brother who he got separated from at the orphanage. To cope with the loss of his brother, he joins an underground fighting circle. 

At art school, the students are allotted a research project and Emanuel asks Julia to be his partner. Emanuel reads Julia’s diary which Ana gave to him and starts admiring her and tells Ana to stop seeing him as it would not be appropriate.

Ana is an alcoholic and meets Minou at an AA meeting where they both discuss their unhealthy addiction. Julia is brought in for interrogation about her mother’s death. 

Enraged by Emanuel cutting her off, Ana creates a scene at Minou’s gallery and hires Abel, another gigolo who is envious of Emanuel. Minou asks for help from a senator for her conflict with the gamblers. 

Minou’s daughter, Florencia, shares a sexual relationship with Emanuel and expresses her love for him. She suspects his shady behaviour and follows him only to discover the truth about his relationship with Ana’s daughter. She reveals his secret to her mother and they go to his house to discuss the unprofessional behaviour. Emanuel lies to them and admits he accidentally met Julia.  

Julia’s camera gets snatched and she calls Emanuel to comfort her. They share a kiss and the relationship between the two gets intense. Emanuel admits he has fallen in love with Julia.

On Julia’s birthday, Emanuel is assigned a client but he is unable to concentrate on his work. He returns to Julia to celebrate her birthday. She asks him to stay at her home for dinner with her family. Ana gets jealous seeing the two together and starts a fight with the entire family. 

Julia’s camera is returned by one of the activists who was protesting against the Bolonte Lab.  He tells Julia about the Seroloxine drug and its consequences which were not approved by her father. Her father’s death at the right moment allowed the lab to approve the drug to increase its profit. The revelation makes Julia suspect her stepfather who controlled the lab after her father’s death. 

Ana threatens Emanuel to break up with Julia or she will tell her about their deal. In the future, Dolores, Ana’s best friend and lawyer, is brought for the investigation. She reveals the erratic behaviour of Ana and their conflict as she stole the man Dolores started having feelings for. 

Julia initiates a conversation with Ana recalling her childhood. She tells her about the disagreement between Victor and her father to Ana. Florencia meets Victor at an event and hooks up with him to spite Emanuel. 

Abel gets fired due to his behaviour which endangered a client’s life. Ana confronts Victor about his potential involvement in her ex-husband’s death. Victor admits his crime but warns Ana that her threat would be futile with the lack of evidence. He bribes a psychiatric hospital to admit Ana and claims she had a panic attack.

Dolores tells Minou about Ana’s deal with Emanuel. Minou gets angry at both of them and Emanuel quits his job for Julia.

Emanuel meets an old friend from his orphanage at the fighting ring. He helps him find his brother who had gotten into crime and required financial help.

Julia’s friend, Lino, dies due to the Seroloxine drug which makes her use her family’s influence to suspend the drug. 

Minou visits Ana at the hospital and lends her some money to escape. Emanuel investigates the person claiming to be his brother only to find out he was getting scammed and in a fit of rage, he beats them up. Julia goes for a plastic surgery to remove the scars she got from the car accident where her father died. 

Florencia borrows Victor’s car to deliver her paintings. Ana escapes the hospital and meets up with Abel but insults him by comparing him to Emanuel. Later that night, a dead body is found at Emanuel’s house. 

While he is waiting for Julia to come out of her surgery, Emanuel is brought in for investigation where he meets his attorney who was anonymously paid. Dolores reveals everything to Julia. Minou’s business is exposed. 

Julia confronts Victor about her father’s death. Unable to get him arrested for her father’s murder, she files a lawsuit against him for the toxic drug. She finds out about Emanuel’s deal with Ana and asks him to never come in front of her again. 

The sculpture used to kill Ana is found in Victor’s car. Victor blames Florencia as she borrowed the car from him that night. Florencia is arrested. Minou turns herself in for the murder. 

Diary of a Gigolo ending explained in detail:

What happens to Minou?

After a conversation with Emanuel, Minou admits she is guilty of the murder.

Emanuel visits her in jail to ask her the reason behind her move despite having a valid alibi. Minou admits to him that she turned herself in to protect her family.

Her fake confession goes futile as Florencia is still not released so she asks the senator to help her again and release Florencia who is also his daughter. A year later, Minou is convicted. The senator facilitates Florencia’s release.

Did Emanuel find his brother?

Emanuel gets an attorney who was paid anonymously. He discovers the person behind the payment was his brother.

His brother got adopted by a well-off family from the orphanage and has been trying to find him ever since. The brother recall their childhood memories and Renzo promises to Emanuel that he would find a way to get him out of the mess.

Emanuel is glad to know his brother had a better life than him. His family helps Emanuel move away from the city after the entire scandal.

Did Julia and Emanuel reunite?

Julia finds out about Emanuel’s deal with her mother and cuts ties with him.

A year later, Emanuel visits the city for the final hearing of the murder. He goes to an art exhibition by Julia and invites her to meet him at the hotel and she accepts.

Julia forgives him and they reunite. Both of them decide to move away together and Julia sells her house.

Who killed Ana?

On the day they planned to move, Emanuel goes to Julia’s room to get her belongings. He finds a heart-shaped trinket there which was found at the crime scene.

He confronts Julia about it who tells him how she murdered her mother after getting into an argument. She used the opportunity to plant evidence on Victor and make him pay for her father’s death but Victor somehow shifted the blame to Florencia.

Emanuel is left with the conflict to choose his future with the girl he loves or save Minou.

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