HollyBlood ending explained: Do Sara and Javi defeat Azrael? 

HollyBlood is a Spanish teen romantic comedy with some horror elements. It centres on Javi, who is a completely normal adolescent who has no idea his crush on Sara is reciprocated. Sara assumes that Javi possesses supernatural abilities as a result of a series of misunderstandings. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In 1985, two boys bully Pelofrito around the swimming pool to the extent that he drowns and dies. Another spectator enters to see what’s going on.

When Pelofrito stops breathing, an eerie creature, believed to be Azrael the vampire, enters and kills the three boys. He has Pelofrito drink his blood, awakening him with a red spark in his eyes, making him a vampire too. 

Cut to the present day to Sara, who is enthralled by Azrael’s legend. She spends a lot of time on an online forum looking for Azrael. 

She is classmates with Diego, who is also fascinated by vampires and actively investigates their sightings, in order to kill them. 

Then there is Javi, a shy and mysterious guy with a huge crush on Sara. He talks to Sara online with a fake account called Lidia. 

All of them are classmates. One of their classmates, Borja has disappeared and everyone is trying to find a cause. 

According to rumours, Azrael will attend the premiere of a new vampire film called HollyBlood. Sara, Diego, and Javi also show up. Diego locates him and attempts to film him, but he does not appear on camera. The anonymous figure seems to be obsessed with Sara.

During the premiere, a scaffolding falls and Javi stops it; the reason is that the chain remains connected, but others believe it is supernatural and Javi has some powers. Diego suspects him, and Sara tells Lidia later that night that she believes Javi is Azrael.

Since Sara is so obsessed with Azrael, he (as Lidia) does not deny her suspicions but instead tells her that Javi is Azrael to get closer to Sara. 

Sara reaches out to Javi and addresses him as Azrael, and Javi lies and admits that he is the ancient vampire. She extends an invitation to him to her home. 

He transforms his appearance to resemble a vampire and informs Sara that he can read minds. To demonstrate his mind-reading talents, he gives Sara things that she had told Lidia, and she is evidently impressed.

Sara develops a crush on him too and other situations help him sometimes to prove his claim even more. 

Diego keeps on following Javi due to his suspicions as he too believes he is a vampire. 

In a turn of events, the real Azrael shows up at their school, disguised as a student. 

Sara and Javi also start dating but Sara’s friend is suspicious and challenges Javi and promises to find out how a guy like him managed to fool Sara. 

Sara and Javi meet later in the night and she asks Javi to make her into a vampire. Javi denies her and she leaves.  Will his secret come to light? 

HollyBlood ending explained in detail:

How is Javi’s lie revealed? 

As soon as Sara leaves, Diego attacks Javi. Javi denies being a vampire and tells him that he is only pretending to win over Sara. Javi proves his case by drinking holy water. 

In school the next day, the real Azrael takes Sara and Javi to a corner and tells her that Javi is not Azrael. He proves that he is the real Azrael. Sara is clearly hurt but asks Azrael to let Javi go. 

Azrael warns Javi to not reveal his identity to anyone and stay away from Sara.  

Javi takes lessons from Diego on how to drive a stake through a vampire in order to kill Azrael and protect Sara.

What is up with Azrael?

The boys discuss the whole situation with Javi’s dad. When he does not believe them, they show him a picture of Azrael. His dad reveals that the boy is not Azrael but his classmate Pelofrito, who was attacked in 1985 and then he vanished. 

Pelofrito meets Sara, and Diego, Javi, and his dad follow them in order to hunt and kill Pelofrito. 

How do the boys plan to beat Pelofrito? 

The boys trick Manu, who is obsessed with Sara to come to the site for backup. They also fill a lot of bottles with holy water and have equipment like a holy cross and wooden stakes. 

Pelofrito tells Sara he can make her a vampire if she decides to be with him. She denies and Manu and his friends enter and attack Pelofrito. 

Pelofrito dies during the fight but rises again because he is a vampire. Manu and his boys are terrified.

The boys and everyone get together and attack Pelofrito. With him being vulnerable, he reveals he does not kill anyone and does this to get girls. 

Who is the real Azrael and how is he defeated?

The teachers from the school enter the room and debate calling the police.

Just then, Sister Learza reveals herself to be Azrael. She acknowledges that she was the one who turned Pelofrito, but he let her down by not exacting vengeance and fleeing like a coward.

Javi informs the crew that running is pointless and that they should fight and kill Azrael. Pelofrito joins them as well, believing that if he kills the vampire who changed him, he will be able to return to human form.

To become stronger and defeat Azrael, they all transform into vampires with Pelofrito’s blood.

Javi admits to being Lidia and jumps into the pool with Azrael, which has been filled with holy water. Azrael is defeated, and because the source vampire is dead, everyone becomes human again. 

Sara forgives Javi, and they get together. 

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