Odette Raine: Luther: The Fallen Sun character explained

After John Luther is sent to prison and Martin Schenk is forcefully retired, DCI Odette Raine is brought in to take over the serial killer case. The character is played by Cynthia Erivo and is an original creation for the film.

David Robey was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of several individuals and when he learned that John Luther was on the case, he made sure he wasn’t on it for too long.

With Martin Schenk being booted for his implicit role in John’s actions, DCI Odette Raine became the new investigator in charge of the Robey case with DS Archie Woodward by her side.

She is contacted by John very early on as he wants to provide his input but she reminds him that he isn’t an officer anymore and wants to solve the case on her own with the resources she has.

After hearing that John has escaped prison, she approaches Martin for help apprehending John so that he does not interfere with her case.

Odette Raine: Luther: The Fallen Sun character explained 1
She meets with Martin and asks him for assistance

Uneasy alliance

Along the way, she’s forced to take his opinion into account as John proves that he’s a skilled investigator. When David kidnaps her daughter Anya, however, she has to make a tough decision.

She contacts John and sets up a meeting under the guise of exchanging information and then forces him into the trunk of her car with a handgun. She tells him that David has Anya but he convinces her that they can save Anya together.

Odette Raine: Luther: The Fallen Sun character explained 2
Odette is ordered to kill John by David

She accepts but is still filled with doubt and worry. She goes to Norway where David’s hiding out and initially assumes Anya is dead when they find several bodies strung up in one of the rooms and hear Anya’s screams playing from a speaker.

When she realizes that it isn’t Anya, she is attacked and subdued by David’s ally. Once David begins his live stream, he brings out Odette and forces her to stab a restrained John.

He then orders John to shatter Odette’s kneecap with a hammer but together they unnerve him and scupper his entire plan.

Once everything settles down, Odette goes up to John and thanks him for helping her save Anya before he is handcuffed and taken away.

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