The crystal and the time loop in Jagged Mind explained

In Jagged Mind, a mysterious crystal is responsible for Billie’s blackouts and her being stuck in a time loop.

Billie suffers from blackouts and visions for a while in Jagged Mind. She believes this has to do with her early dementia, which she has probably inherited from her mother.

The visions and blackouts get stronger when she is with her new girlfriend, Alex. Billie soon learns that Alex once dated the model Rose Porter, who somehow knows about Billie’s blackouts.

Billie visits Rose, only to find her dead. Fortunately, Billie comes across a mysterious box at Rose’s residence that has appeared in her visions. The box gives her the answers she is looking for.

What is the crystal?

A drive inside the box contains a video of a conversation between Rose, Papa Juste, and Billie, where Rose explains to Billie what she is experiencing.

The events Billie has seen in her visions have happened in reality. Alex has been erasing them from her memories and resetting days using a magical crystal that is powered by Billie’s blood. Papa Juste calls this blood magic.

The crystal and the time loop in Jagged Mind explained 1
Rose tells Billie about the crystal

At night, when Billie is unconscious, Alex collects her blood and keeps it in storage. Whenever Billie and Alex end up in a fight or breakup, using the crystal and Billie’s blood, Alex resets the time, and it all looks as if these events never happened.

Billie only sees glimpses of these events, and hence, she sometimes feels she is experiencing deja vu. Rose first used this crystal on Alex when Alex left her. Once Alex discovered the power of the crystal, she was drawn to it.

The crystal also has the ability to change people. Rose admits that she has done terrible things when she was using it, and now Alex is doing the same to Billie. Once Billie stops Alex, she must hand the crystal to Papa Juste before the crystal changes her as well.

How long has Billie been trapped in the time loop?

Billie isn’t sure when she got trapped in a time loop, but if she continues to stay trapped, she will die soon. To stop Alex, Billie is told to make use of the mysterious box she retrieved from Rose’s house.

The box protects things inside it from the crystal’s reversal effects. As per Rose’s instructions, Billie makes notes on Rose’s book, writes dates on them, and puts the book in the box. If the dates start repeating, Billie will know that Alex has reversed the time.

The crystal and the time loop in Jagged Mind explained 2
Papa Juste’s box that can protect things from the crystal’s reversal powers

Billie is told to use the crystal for herself and reset the time back to before Alex and Rose’s meeting. On a weekend getaway, Billie gets hold of the crystal and sees glimpses of her lost memories.

When Alex sees Billie holding the crystal, she hints that all of Billie’s time loops end with her discovering the truth. Billie and Alex were engaged once. Alex has even killed Billie when things didn’t work or something like this happened.

Alex just turned back time and tried to make their relationship perfect again. Billie manages to stop Alex by killing her and resetting time using Alex’s blood. However, as expected, the crystal changes Billie too.

Billie doesn’t follow the last step. She doesn’t give the crystal back to Papa Juste and instead starts using it to make her relationship with someone else in the future perfect.

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