Crash Course (2022) ending explained: Does the rivalry between the institutes end?

Crash Course is a series around the rivalry between two coaching institutions and how it impacts the students that attend those institutes. It is a tale of friendship, first loves, heartache, and the pressures of academia and life. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

RJ Institute is the best coaching institute in Kota and it prides itself on that tag. The top 10 scorers in the JEE exams for the last 2 years were attendees of RJ. But this year, the 1st, 2nd and 5th rank was secured by the students of Batra Institute, which is RJ’s rival. 

The director of RJ Institute, Mr Jindal, is utterly outraged by this news. He believes it is the game of toppers that preserves the institute’s reputation at the top, and he is only interested in that. He envisions RJ Institute expanding and wishes to rename Kota as “RJ Nagar”. 

Mr Arvind Batra founded the Batra Institute and he doesn’t believe in this fierce rivalry and only wants to give his students a high-quality education. However, his sons slowly take over and are exactly like Jindal in terms of ambition. They see the institute in business terms only. 

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Jindal’s obsession to destroy Batra knows no bounds and both him and Batra’s son Shashank get involved in a number of antics and measures to bring the other institute down.

Jindal often resorts to unfair and illegal means like bribery or coercion. His work gets done by Binny, a man with innumerable connections and networks in Kota. 

Jindal also tries to poach Batra’s best teacher, i.e AK sir, on his own side but is unsuccessful. He also tries to expand RJ by acquiring other institutes by illicit means. 

This rivalry is intertwined with the life of the students of these institutes. A group of friends are experiencing life, love and immense academic pressure to get into IIT. 

Binny’s cousin Vidhi, is also struggling to score better and increase her rank due to the fact that she is weak in physics. Although a student of RJ Institute, she gets fascinated by AK sir of Batra Institute and pleads with him to tutor her and he agrees. 

Her rank slowly gets better and she has the potential to end up in the top 10 list. 

In getting the other institute’s image down, Shashank orchestrates to publish an article about the increasing suicide rates of students of RJ Institute given the academic pressure, which is a reality. Jindal drives the narrative away.

All the institutes are warned by the state’s minister to keep a check on this or their centres will be closed.

Jindal, to get more toppers from his institute goes to the next level and starts giving pills to some students to increase their concentration levels. These pills are actually to control ADHD and are not safe for other people. 

When Shashank gets to know that AK is tutoring Vidhi, he asks him to scout her and convince her to transfer to Batra Institute. This is because he wants to have a girl topper from his institute and accelerate its image even more.

Vidhi agrees but Jindal gets to know about this and attempts to convince her to not transfer. When his efforts fail, he calls in her parents and twists the narrative and lies by implying that AK tempted and seduced her to poach students for Batra Institute. 

Her parents are angry at her and do not allow the transfer. They do not understand her at all and other compounding factors like her grandmother’s death and fight with friends push her to take her own life. 

Jindal uses her suicide to his advantage by blaming Batra Institute and AK for pressurising Vidhi and Batra institute gets suspended, with many of its students now getting transferred to RJ Institute. 

Before jumping out of the institute’s window, Vidhi writes on a banner how Jindal is responsible for the many suicides of the students. This banner is sent to Vidya, a social worker on the case. 

Will Vidhi get justice? Will Jindal get the punishment he deserves? 

Crash Course (2022) ending explained in detail:

Is Jindal taken down?

Vidya teams up with Binny to get Vidhi justice and punish Jindal for his crimes. Binny records confessions of the people Jindal has bribed up until now. 

He also convinces the owner of the printing press to publish how Jindal is abetting suicides, showing him Vidhi’s note on the banner.

They both organise a police raid at the institute where the illegal pills are also found. This leads to Jindal’s arrest and closing down of RJ institute.

What will the students do now?

With both the top institutes closing and the students having nowhere to go, Binny, AK and others come up with an idea. They convince Arvind Batra to start a new institute, not a business, but one which caters to students and their educational potential only.

Binny and AK believe only Arvind Batra with his pure ideals can save Kota.

Previously Batra had distanced himself from the Institute and his son Shashank because he did not agree with his ideals and way of operating. 

After a falling out with his son Shashank, Arvind Batra agrees to open a brand new institute.

Is Jindal gone for good?

Jindal in jail is still power hungry and obsessed with his dream. 

He reads a newspaper article in jail about how Batra is planning to open a new institute and has a falling out with his son.

Reading this, he calls Shashank, possibly to team up together against Binny, AK, and Batra. He tells him a whole plan, which insinuates the crazy competition and the cutthroat cycle of rivalry is set to begin again. 

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