Congrats My Ex! summary and ending explained

Congrats My Ex! is a Thai romantic comedy centering around Risa, a spirited wedding planner. Her already complex professional life takes a tumultuous turn when she finds herself in charge of planning her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

The situation spirals further into chaos when she must reluctantly recruit another former flame to serve as the wedding photographer.

Plot Summary

Congrats My Ex! introduces us to Risa, a wedding planner with a unique aversion: she feels nauseated by the sight of loving couples.

Despite this, she excels in her profession, dedicating herself to crafting perfect wedding experiences. Her commitment is tested when a prank at a wedding proposal leads to an accident, plunging her company into financial turmoil.

Desperate for business, they accept an outsourced Indian wedding, only to discover that the groom is Risa’s ex-boyfriend, Arun.

Risa’s history with Arun dates back to her time in the UK for her Master’s degree. Their relationship was intense but short-lived, ending when Arun abruptly broke things off.

Following their split, Risa returned to Thailand and met Tim, another potential love interest. However, unresolved feelings for Arun led her to ghost Tim, leaving unresolved emotions in their wake.

In a twist of fate, Tim re-enters her life as the only available wedding photographer for Arun’s wedding, after a bizarre series of events eliminates all other options.

Congrats My Ex! ending explained in detail:

How do Risa and Tim reconnect?

The wedding preparations become a chaotic mix of accidents and coincidences. Risa and Tim’s interactions swing between hostile and intimate, culminating in an incident where she pushes him into a pool, revealing his inability to swim.

This leads to a fabricated story where Risa claims Tim is her boyfriend to avoid embarrassment. As they navigate this pretense, Tim begins to show signs of genuine care for Risa. Simultaneously, Arun, the groom, starts reevaluating his feelings.

Does Arun reveal the truth to Monica?

As the wedding approaches, a blackout creates the perfect setting for a heartfelt confession between Arun to Risa about his lingering feelings. Monica, Arun’s fiancée, overhears this and confronts them.

She had always known about Risa but needed Arun to be honest about his feelings. An intense conversation ensues, with Monica driving away in distress.

Arun manages to reconcile with her, affirming his love and commitment, while Risa realizes her past with Arun is truly behind her.

Who does Risa end up with?

The film concludes with Monica forgiving Arun, and their wedding proceeding as planned. Risa, having moved past her distaste for romance, finds herself at a crossroads with Tim.

As he prepares to leave, believing his role in her life is over, Risa chases him down on a white horse, declaring her desire to resume their relationship. In a delightful twist, the wedding planner who once shunned love finds her own romantic story.

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