Christina Hunter: The Morning Show season 3 character explained

In The Morning Show season 3, Christina Hunter, also known as Chris, is an athlete turned host who joins TMS’ team as a co-anchor. Nicole Beharie plays Christina Hunter.

Christina Hunter proves herself to be a strong and dependent co-anchor at TMS. She is quite a popular name already and was one of the choices when Alex backed out of going to space on Hyperion One with Paul Marks.

Chris is married to Marcus, who worked as a representative of her nemesis, and they have a daughter together. Chris’ life turns upside down when a racist comment against her made by UBA board president Cybil Reynolds in an online email comes to light.

Cybil made that comment during Chris’ hiring. Apart from that racist comment, the conversation also mentions that Chris is being paid less than what Bradley, a white woman, got paid when she was hired. The pay inequality at UBA is confirmed when the salaries of UBA staff are leaked online.

Chris’ response

Chris holds back and doesn’t react for a very long time. However, she does read all the reactions that the leaked email is getting. Cory is the first to respond. He requests that she not sue by letting her know that his team is already working on how to make things right with her.

Chris comes to the studio daily, does her job, and leaves without questioning anyone. The likes of Mia tell her to carry on, but she just can’t, knowing that she and many others like her are being underpaid.

Christina Hunter: The Morning Show season 3 character explained 1
Chris is asked to carry on and not doubt her worth

Chris doesn’t even want to sue because once she does, she will always be remembered as the person who sued and nothing else.

Chris eventually gets an opportunity to tackle this situation officially and respectfully after having a conversation with Alex. Chris is allowed to interview Cybil and ask her to explain her comments on TMS.

Chris destroys Cybil

Before the interview, Chris is in a dilemma about how things might go down. However, her husband shows support and belief in her. Chris’ interview with Cybil reveals how Cybil is still seeing this issue casually.

Furthermore, during the interview, when Cybil states that she believed Chris was not ready for The Morning Show, Chris tells the world how she was cue-tested more than any other person who has ever anchored The Morning Show.

Chris went through eight different approval meetings, along with strategy discussions about her hair, and had to make time on weekends to work with four former anchors to develop her on-air skills.

Cybil’s defense only lands her in more trouble, leading to her getting kicked out of UBA, while Chris finally feels satisfied after addressing this situation.

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