Foundation season 2 finale recap, review & ending explained

In the finale of Foundation season 2, Demerzel takes measures to protect Cleon’s genetic dynasty, Brother Day meets his fate, and Gaal’s group sets their next course. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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Gaal used everything that Tellem taught her and linked her mind to Hari’s to rescue him. She also created illusions to make sure Tellem didn’t see what they were trying to do. Hari was Gaal’s ace.

The Beggar is surrounded by the Mentalics. They assure Gaal, Salvor, and Hari that they should not fear them. One of the Mentalics reveals that Tellem’s voice always used to be in their minds, bending them to her will.

Now she is gone, and they are no longer under her control, and they are grateful to Gaal, Salvor, and Hari for freeing them. Gaal, Salvor, and Hari come out to greet the Mentalics.

On Trantor, Demerzel visits Brother Dusk and Rue, who propose that Sareth and Day’s union can end Demerzel’s suffering; she will no longer be bound to protect Cleon’s dynasty.

However, Demerzel explains that she does want to be free, but she is programmed to protect the dynasty. Hence, she will stop this union no matter what. Even if anyone attempts to reprogram her, she will kill them.

Demerzel confesses that she hired the Blind Angels to stop Day from marrying Sareth, who will now be blamed for this assassination attempt. Sareth’s banking records have been altered to show incontrovertible proof. Apart from that, a memory audit will bolster those records.

Demerzel can’t let Dusk and Rue walk out of here now that they know all of this. Dusk hugs Demerzel and agrees that they were fools to think they were free. Demerzel reminisces about her time with Dusk and, in tears, is forced to kill Dusk and Rue.

Near Terminus, Brother Day is determined to destroy all the worlds brought under Foundation’s sway. Bel warns Day that what he is doing will be the moral ruin of Empire. Day proceeds to slap Bel in front of his fleet and orders him to take the ship to their next destination.

When Bel declines, Day relives Bel from all of his duties and instructs the navigator to have their ship jump to the next destination. Each ship starts jumping into the space occupied by its neighbor. A chain reaction is created that will destroy the entire fleet.

The fleet can’t escape. They are all dying. It turns out that it’s Hober Mallow’s work. Spacers no longer work for Day. The jump sequence was in Hober Mallow’s hand.

Seldon basically baited Day into coming to Terminus, and Day fell right into Seldon’s trap. A frustrated Day starts beating Hober Mallow. Eventually, Bel enters the fight.

In the end, Day overpowers Bel and kicks him out of the ship. At the very last moment, Bel switches places with Day using Hober Mallow’s castling device, which allows a person to switch places with the other. Bel survives, while Day dies out in space.

Since no one is getting out of this ship alive, Day’s soldiers stand down. Only one individual can escape through the external cleaning module.

Hober Mallow convinces Constant to leave. She will have a day’s oxygen until someone finds her. Hober Mallow and Bel Riose share one last drink as they die once their ship is destroyed.

On Trantor, Dawn confronts Demerzel for taking Sareth captive. He notices a green mark on Demerzel’s neck, which was quietly given by Dusk. Dawn remembers that Dusk told him that this is the mark of a betrayer.

Foundation season 2 ending explained in detail:

Do Dawn and Sareth escape?

Dawn rescues Sareth from Empire’s soldiers. Once the news of Day’s death is confirmed, Dawn and Sareth are seen breaking the news to the people of Trantor. Dawn announces that he is getting married to Sareth now.

Demerzel sees through these lies. She recognizes that Sareth’s servants are impersonating Dawn and Sareth using facial scramblers. Dawn immediately calls Demerzel to inform her that he and Sareth have escaped the planet.

Dawn lets her know that he is aware of what she has done. Dawn tells her about the consequences of killing them.

Though Demerzel says that a new Dawn will be decanted, Sareth explains that their story will keep the people of Trantor attached to them—the story of an ascending emperor escaping with his wife and a naturally conceived heir that is growing inside Sareth.

Before bidding adieu, Dawn confesses to Demerzel that she was the closest thing to a mother he had.

Does Salvor die?

Gaal, Salvor, and Hari spend time with the Mentalics, unaware that a little bit of Tellem is alive inside a boy named Josiah, who picks up a gun to kill Gaal.

Salvor takes Josiah out, and while dying, he confesses that Tellem was in his head, fighting. He reveals that she is weak now and is dying with him. Josiah passes away.

Salvor took the shot meant for Gaal. Salvor is now severely injured, but she asks Gaal to notice that this means they are not trapped; the future can be changed. Salvor shows absolute faith in her mother as she passes away.

What’s next for everyone?

The Vault appears in front of Brother Constant. She is soaked inside it. Then Poly appears, followed by Hari, who says the Vault can do many things and claims that Terminus was meant to be sacrificed for the survival of Foundation. Everyone who was present on Terminus then shows up alive and well.

On Ignis, Hari comforts Gaal, who is looking inside Prime Radiant to see if Salvor’s death matters. He convinces her to make Salvor’s death matter by not stopping. Hari believes the Plan can still work.

Gaal will jump 150 years into the future and face the Mule, whose victory is not assured now that Salvor is dead. Hari takes on the responsibility of training the Mentalics while Gaal is in cryosleep.

Hari just wants Gaal to wake up every year until he is no longer there. However, Gaal requests that Hari join her because she can’t do this on her own. He is her only family now. They can train the Mentalics for a year and go into cryosleep together.

If there is a chance that she will face another Hari Seldon at another crisis beyond the one they will face, only Hari will be up to the task. Hari agrees, and they go into cryosleep together.

Meanwhile, back on Trantor, Demerzel decants a new Dawn, a new Day, and a new Dusk at the same time. This is the first time she had to decant them all simultaneously. They don’t have to worry because she now has her hands on the Prime Radiant. She doesn’t understand all of it yet, but she sees wonderful things ahead.

152 years into the future, the Mule acknowledges that Gaal is here. He needs to find Gaal and destroy her before she finds him.


  • Foundation season 2 delivers an eventful finale. It’s not deep or action-packed, but all the twists and deaths make sense and surprise a viewer at every turn or leave them satisfied or hopeful for what is next.
  • Demerzel’s fascinating story and how she, being a robot, has developed to have emotions of her own is quite intriguing. Her story hits the right chord, and everyone can feel her suffering and understand her need to make such difficult decisions.
  • While Demerzel’s story and events on Terminus deliver, everything going on on Ignis is disappointing, formulaic, and predictable. It is the only low point for the second season of Foundation, as the finale fails to make that part count.
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