Chef Robert: How I Met Your Father season 2 character explained

Robert is one of the men that Sophie gets into a relationship with and while it starts quite well, they encounter some unavoidable issues that end it. Robert is played by actor John Corbett.

Sophie meets Robert at the premiere of a musical when she accompanies Valentina as her plus-one. Her initial interactions lead to annoyance as Robert questions what she’s doing with the food and Sophie swiftly dismisses him.

Later on, Sophie is forced to stick around the pantry in her underwear after giving Valentina her dress to help her out but while she’s waiting, Robert walks in and the two of them have an awkward exchange.

Chef Robert: How I Met Your Father season 2 character explained 1
Robert teaches Sophie a thing or two about fine dining

He offers her a chef’s coat and lets her camp out in the kitchen while they chat with each other. He prepares a bowl of ranch with her help and eventually asks her out to dinner, an offer she accepts.

A complicated age difference

Sophie’s friends make fun of the fact that Robert is much older than her but when they actually see him, they’re all in awe of how well he’s aged. Sid and Charlie become quite insecure about their own appearances and do whatever they can to make themselves look younger.

Jesse hoped that Robert was just some guy that Sophie would eventually get bored of but after getting a glimpse of him, he feels more dejected. Valentina is jealous of Sophie’s relationship and decides to get back at her by dating a college student.

When Sophie invites Robert to her apartment, they have to share the space with Valentina and Swish, and that’s when Sophie learns that Robert might be dating her simply as an ego boost because she’s always impressed by anything normal that he does.

He assures her that that is not the case but he does admit that his age means he cannot stay up late like her constantly and his eyesight isn’t the best either, regular issues that come along with growing older.

They make a plan to have a romantic weekend at Robert’s place upstate but things get complicated when Sophie finds out that Robert was at the same music festival where Lori said she met Sophie’s father.

Sophie begins to spiral as the thought creeps into her head that she might be dating her father and she tries to find evidence. When Robert shows her a picture from the festival, Sophie’s fears grow further as Lori is in the picture with him.

Chef Robert: How I Met Your Father season 2 character explained 2
For a brief moment, Sophie believes Robert might be her father

She sends that picture to Lori and asks her if she slept with Robert. Thankfully for her, Lori says that she didn’t and Robert confirms that later, claiming that he was celibate at the time.

However, he does admit that he and Lori did other stuff together and Lori even sends a detailed description which creeps Sophie out. Robert and Sophie try to convince each other that they can move past this but it turns out to be too big of a deal to ignore and they decide to break up.

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