Barney Stinson’s cameo in How I Met Your Father explained

Barney Stinson becomes the second core member of the HIMYM cast to make an appearance in its spin-off and once again, it is to provide Sophie with sage advice about her issues.

Sophie is freaking out about whether Robert, the man she’s dating might be her father as she’s driving back to the city but along the way, she ends up rear-ending another car.

The driver of that car turns out to be Barney Stinson, who starts off by reading a prepared statement apologizing for how he may have wronged her and justifying her efforts to “exact revenge” by hitting his car.

She assures him that they’ve never met before and he agrees, making a comment about her face and breasts. As he does that, he gets a shock and reveals a shock collar on his ankle that electrocutes him every time he says a problematic phrase.

She asks him how much she would have to pay for the damage to his car and when he implies that it’s going to cost a lot, she feels quite distressed. He then asks her to tell him what she’s going through and if the story is juicy enough, he’ll let her off the hook.

Mistaken paternal identity

Sophie recaps the entire story with Robert to Barney and just as she’s ending it, she gets a message from her mother telling her that Robert is not her father.

Barney Stinson's cameo in How I Met Your Father explained 1
The moment that Sophie finds out Robert isn’t her dad

Barney asks her how she pictured her father growing up and admits that believed he would be like Bryan Cranston from Malcolm in the Middle. He tells her that he always imagined his father was Bob Barker.

Barney tells Sophie he was inspired to track down his father after a great friend of his lost theirs and it ultimately was a good experience for him. He also shows her pictures of his daughter and mentions how much of an impact she has had on his life.

She tells Sophie that finding out who her father is won’t necessarily cure all of her problems but if she’s lucky, it would still be an extremely good thing in her life.

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