Caterina’s death in Holy Family explained

Caterina and German are the primary antagonists in ‘Holy Family’ and the biggest threats to Gloria and her family. Caterina is played by Alba Flores and German is played by Alex Garcia.

Gloria moved to Madrid with her family and adopted new identities so that they could get away from Natalia and her father, Fernando Alberche. Fernando sees a coincidental news report on television and is filled with a strong belief that they can be found.

He uses his influence to find the best people for the job and offers them obscene amounts of money to get his grandson back.

Not-so-lawful candidates

Gloria faked her and her family’s deaths in a car explosion to make her escape but when Fernando observes a news report about stolen bodies from the morgue, he’s certain that it has something to do with Gloria.

He visits the commissioner who tells him that since the evidence was particularly clear, the case has been closed and he will have a tough time convincing a judge to reopen it.

He asks the commissioner to give some options outside of the authorities who can help and offers to pay for it in return. The commissioner gives Fernando a file on Caterina who is a criminal whose real name is Edurne.

Caterina's death in Holy Family explained 1
Fernando meets with Caterina to give her the details about the job

He meets with her and tells her about the job and by then it’s already decided that she’s working with German, who is an ex-cop.

Working the targets

Caterina and German take on the guise of new parents by paying off a junkie to “borrow” her baby as they move into Goria’s neighbourhood.

They eventually become part of Gloria’s circle and begin their investigation to confirm that they’ve got the right target. Caterina gets closer to Gloria while German runs into Abel one night and uses that to his advantage.

Being an ex-cop, German still has some integrity within him and wants to do the job the right way while Caterina is unpredictable and just cares about the results.

Initially, they were supposed to collect sufficient evidence and turn things over to the police. However, Fernando orders them to get his grandson back and kill the rest of them.

Crime of passion

German regularly met with Abel and the two of them began a relationship with each other. German developed feelings for Abel which made him second guess the decision to kill them.

When Gloria finds out that Caterina and German are after her baby, she chooses to fight back. She lures German into a trap using Abel’s relationship but when she tells Abel to shoot him, he refuses to.

She ties him up and deserts him but Abel comes back later to free him. Abel tells German to leave and the two of them are heartbroken that they have to end things this way as they truly loved each other.

Caterina's death in Holy Family explained 2
Abel and German developed a strong emotional bond

German tells Caterina that he was trapped and that Gloria is trying to escape so they need to apprehend her. He then lies in wait near Gloria’s house with a stolen car and as soon as he sees her passing, he rams into her.

Caterina dies on the spot from the impact but German appears to be holding on by a thread. He did this to protect Abel who tries to check on German but has to rush to his mother’s side.

Later on, German is seen being put into an ambulance to be taken to the hospital where he might survive.

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