C.W. Longbottom’s death in Mythic Quest season 3 explained

Season 3 of Mythic Quest sees the departure of one of the main cast in C.W. Longbottom, and his exit takes place in a particularly grand way.

In April 2022, the series announced that actor F. Murray Abraham had exited the series so it was up to the writers to find a way to explain his absence and they made sure he went out in a way completely in line with his character.

C.W. was the head writer at the company and in the episode “Backstory!”, the series explored Carl Longbottom’s past and how he became one of the best science fiction writers in the world.

A fitting farewell

Ian and Poppy have started their own studio while David is now handling Mythic Quest on his own with Jo as his assistant. Jo is responsible for hosting an event in honour of C.W.’s return that evening after travelling the world on a book tour for the past year.

She handled all the specifics and has been making sure that every one of the invitees will be there. The event is being held at the open rooftop of the Mythic Quest building and gradually people start showing up.

Jo has even been tracking C.W.’s location on her phone to make sure everything happens on time. She received instructions to hand David a letter at a specific time but when the others see the C.W. isn’t there for his own party, they begin to leave.

They sit back down as soon as David begins reading the letter as C.W. admits in the very first line that he’s dead.

After learning that he has a terminal illness, C.W. decided to go out on his own terms and chooses to drive off into the Grand Canyon in a Ford Thunderbird. While he claims it’s an original idea, Carol rightly points out that it’s actually the ending to “Thelma and Louise”.

C.W. continues by saying that his remains were to be retrieved, cremated and his ashes put into a satellite. That satellite is what Jo has been unknowingly tracking and he asks everyone to look out into the sky as the satellite with his ashes passes them by.

He then apologises for keeping his condition a secret while also professing his admiration for the family he found at Mythic Quest.

Later on, his closest friends sat around drinking one of C.W.’s favourite drinks while reminiscing about their departed colleague.

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